Thursday, August 5, 2021

Doll Two approves, upcoming reading, maple study

So here's where we came down. Doll Two in her sequined LBD, and perky sequined hat referencing The Importance of Being Ernest, and statement pin. She's set.

In other news, my Cross pencil had evidently arrived and is waiting its turn. I had emailed a follow-up three weeks after sending it and within hours this response arrived.

I was amused at being described as a cross consumer. I'm actually quite a pleased one.

And my future reading is interesting

The library now bought this, possibly in response to my request, and I'm in first place waiting for it. 

Meanwhile just thinking about Sonya gave me a great idea, that's how good she is. I remembered a piece of terry I'd organized for a quilt backing, for a quilt I never made last winter, one thing and another, and thought aha, I can make a robe with it.

But first to find it. A lengthy search ensued, including the bags in the car awaiting cooler weather to go to the thriftie, various other locations, among sheets, blankets, who knows. 

Then I finally tracked it down in its own bag, labeled, in its own dedicated crate. Under two other crates in the art materials collection. Where I was sure to find it easily (!)

I'll use that top I made from the jersey sheet, as a pattern, lengthening it to suit. That'll work. Also pockets. Big ones. I have other terry hand towels I sewed from the same fabric and they might be pressed into service as pockets.

So this might be an interval in dollmaking. Just some plain handsewing. 

Then there's a great exploration of zero

Hard to think of a time when it wasn't a recognized thing, or nonthing.  First need seems to go back to clay tablets and cuneiform account keeping. 

And an Indian mathematician developed it later. I need to learn more. Without the concept of zero,  coupled with ones, we wouldn't have coding and the ability to do what I'm doing here and you're experiencing here.

Then there's the existential to consider

I'm waiting for all these, but I'm high on the list, so I won't have forgotten requesting them before they arrive.

One last thing just because it's beautiful



  1. Doll 2 is lovely and looks like she is ready to go out on the town! A terry bathrobe would be wonderful. Enjoy making it!

  2. The Maya used the concept of zero in their mathematics. They were pretty amazing. Their system used a base 20 rather than 10. If I had my life to do all over again, I think I might make an effort to become far more knowledgable about that civilization.
    Your dolly looks quite satisfied in her clothing and accessories. She still, however, has a palpable attitude which I admire.

  3. Oh yes! Doll # 2 is looking absolutely loverly in her new duds!!! She needs a cigarette holder to complete her ensemble.
    I laughed when I read the 'Cross Consumer' bit. Wonder if anyone has pointed out that one out to them.

  4. I like your varied choices. My sewing was so bad I gave it up. That doll is so cute.

    1. Thank you. The dressing room was knee deep in clothes before she settled a choice.

  5. I had a Cross set, pen and pencil, both of great use to an accountant! They lived in their pink leather case on my desk for upwards of ten years. Then they were stolen.

  6. The Sweetgum branch and leaves are beautiful. And your doll is wonderful. Do you expect she'll be accepted into the Dolliver bunch? She can certainly hold her own with them - of that I have no doubt.

    1. We do have sweetgum nearby, but that is a branch from my Japanese maple.
      I'm not sure Doll Two will be in the Dollivers world. We'll see.

  7. She looks so proud of herself! Great job!

  8. well, there she is. definitely, this is the outfit. the leaves are beautiful. I thought at first it was a metal sculpture.

    1. I liked the weathered wood texture and color against the branch, made a good composition, cropped just right.

  9. Well, Pink Lady defiantly knows that we all need to dress-up sometime.


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