Sunday, October 31, 2021

Textile Museum associates of Southern California scores again

This great exhibit was so well organized and presented, four clear sections, each with its own specialist,  that it needs little from me, as liner notes. Just enjoy. 

It's  open for in person visiting for several months, if you're able to get there. Even in pictures, it looks spectacular.

The  associates group has been presenting these Zoom events for 17 months at the expense of their own small membership. I think I owe them a membership. They tell me there will be a special rate for on-line only, which would be me. If it's in my range, I'm in.

Halloween, again, keeps coming round

 Illustration by Peter de Seve

Looks like an adoption in progress here, kitten applying for job of witch's familiar.

And my favorite Mundane Halloween costume

Mundane Halloween is a witty Asian take on Halloween costume, where it's everyday situations instead of fantasy.  Things like Woman who Forgot to Take out the Trash, and Man Walking to Work in a Wind. Complete with explanatory card to hold up.

The zookeeper in charge of the baby pandas is more self explanatory than most.

And speaking of catspaws, I found the scarf I'd knitted, and here's how it looks

Happy Halloween!