Friday, August 31, 2018

Chocolate Kitty Duncan, aka Duncan 2003-2018

Duncan left us this morning after a paralytic stroke during the night. It was sudden but the vet agreed to euthanasia, since this was something there's no coming back from.

What a friend he was, constantly at my elbow and happy to greet visitors. Even Indian friends who were nervous around cats loved Duncan and were amused when he hunted their bare toes.

Thank you Duncan. You gave me so much more than I gave you.

The reason for his name: he always claimed to be a black cat. But when the sun shone through his fur, it was a lovely deep reddish brown.

He never really recovered from marigold's death. But I guess they've now resumed playing and fighting and wrestling.  Meanwhile the house is quiet. Firsy time in decades there's no animal underfoot.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Reinforcements arrive to continue the mail-in vote push

I have started another wave of gotv activity, and, the Dollivers being on sabbatical at the moment, Ellen Wilkinson MP, and the Queen threw themselves into the work.

They're composing the notes on the post-its, to go into the envelopes. Ellen, Google her if you don't know, is totally in the right context here. The queen thinks they're party invitations, not being familiar with the electoral system. She doesn't have a vote. Or a passport.

In a manner of speaking they are Party invitations, really.

If Ellen and Liz like this, they may put in more appearances in the blog. As Liz says, one must see. Meanwhile, Ellen is in campaign gear, red hair flaming there, and the Queen's recycling her wedding outfit from Kate's shindig.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Looks like a dining table, but it's an outpost

I've joined with Action Together NJ, the Post it Posse, to be exact, and I'm in action as of today. The situation is that a whole lot of registered voters vote the dramatic four year elections and don't show up at midterms. This year it's vital to vote midterms, more than ever. And since NJ has vote by mail for everyone, it can't be easier.

Sooo the Post it Posse is a bunch of volunteers printing out the mail-in ballot app, adding an explanatory page about who we are and a handwritten post it note of encouragement. Then hand addressing the envelopes and sending it to the people on the list. If you've already got the app to fill in, chances are greater that you'll do it. And it means you vote on paper, unhackable.

I managed to get my printer to do a two sided app, from the official State website and the other materials, got a pad of post-it notes and my good pen, and once I get the right size emblopes, and a bunch of stamps, I'll be in business.

This is terrific for a girl like I, to quote Lorelei, because I'm working it at home in the cool, and it's important targeted work. I've been assigned a section of a town I used to work in, and I know the streets, also the community. This is very cool, less likely to annoy people instead of cheering them on. And it's NJ 07, high time for a change there to reflect today's world..

So when I'm not knitting, I'm an agent of change!  If any NJ blogistas want to take part, email me and I'll put you in touch. And puhlease, all US registered voters, please vote.

It counts! I've worked in local elections where everything hinged on a tiny handful of votes.   Vote thoughtfully, but vote.

Thanks so much, now for a pot of tea and a spot of sock knitting.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Rose of Sharon triumphs!

When only a little twig, she survived the renovation, heavy equipment dumped on her, trodden down and replanted twice,  stood on by meter reader, but in her second year here she is, more than one bloom, just flourishing! Yay Rose! Or Sharon! You choose.