Saturday, December 2, 2023

Knitting group, and a lottery-winner calico kitty

 Yesterday's group

General clutter created by Boud

See the sweater and the waiting felted bag

Now in action, that bag is great,  both made by M who loves the blue, grey end of the spectrum.

And for a change of pace, here's K with fine-gauge cross-stitch, for a new grandchild

Chat ranged across the Civil War, recent deaths of very old people, also A.S.Byatt,  Henry VIII, Car Talk, Izzy dolls, for whom I found a couple of different face colored yarns in the library stash, gong bathing, Gwyneth Paltrow, why women lie about their age,  and  other family arguments. The usual wide range.  There was also some incidental chat about the projects we were engaged in.

Happy day, everyone, go to e's blog Life in Progress and admire her beautiful calico  kitty, newly arrived chez e.

Friday, December 1, 2023

Bread, cheese and winter, oh, white rabbits, too

Lovely mail lately, starting to look festive around here. Note one of the cards is a handmade and stitched artwork. Thank you!

And the latest newsletter from CSJB included a shoutout.

This is how to keep your volunteers cheerful say thank you! I don't do it for that but have to admit it definitely helps.

Yesterday's misfits box was very basic

Bread, cheese, honey, cocoa. All you need when you think about it

And in the course of breaking down and tying up the misfits box for the recycle, the Leaning Tower of Sisal happened.

Symbolizing  the eternal human  struggle for permanence, defeated by the inexorable destructive powers of nature. Bear with me, I get a bit carried away in the presence of Art.

Happy December, everyone. This is when I  start to think of all the Sagittarians, to wish them happy birthdays, Quinn, Gary, Janee, Tarang, Mare, Anthony, for a start. Happy trip around the sun, everyone.

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Katheryn Howard, Izzies and cake!

 Yesterday brought a gift from a lovely lady, so welcome. Fruitcake! I love fruitcake, and anyone who doesn't perhaps hasn't had  good fruitcake.

At its best eaten Yorkshire-style, with good cheese, here cheddar. And since it's full of nutritious fruit and nuts, it's also breakfast food. Around here, anyway. Thank you!

It's keeping up my strength to knit Izzies, see the first finished of this group, with more to come.

One of the things I like about this is that after you stuff the doll,  you sculpt the shape with needle and thread, and transform it into a little person, hands in pockets. The intended recipients, Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation, have seen this picture and are happy with the proposed dolls.

When I'm not knitting along to Click and Clack, I'm reading another Weir, another doomed Queen

I like the settings Weir describes, how they got around, on horseback or in a litter, so slow, what they wore, the food, and  the whole period ambience, especially the fear, of the King's power and illness against which they had few protections. And they were all so young, marrying in their early teens, grandparents by their thirties  sometimes. It's a gripping world to enter.

Happy day,  everyone, misfits arrives later today with ordinary food, no fruitcake, but I'm already supplied.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Winter is icumen in, and Car Talk

This was yesterday morning, first snow of the season. My walk later was brisk, icy wind, happy to get home and warm.

Today's in the thirties, tops. Oh. 

And here's my latest podcast find. I used to love NPR's Click and Clack, long gone now,  and found out yesterday that there's a podcast to accompany my knitting.

This and The Daily Fail, and How to be Fine will complete my podcast requirements.

And here's yesterday's Textiles and Tea with a rugweaver who loves upcycling old cotton and linen fabrics. He's a beloved teacher, judging from the masses of wishes and memories in the comments, working in the building you see below. He's also written several well loved books.

It was a cheerful episode, and he's clearly a good teacher, refraining from the thicket of technicalities many guests plunge into. They assume they're speaking to experts, and forget that it's intimidating to the eager beginners in the audience to blind them with terminology, and might put them off completely. 

He didn't do this, translating weaverspeak into everyday language as he went. He's also a spinner, and promised to come back and talk about that, since it never got into this session.

Happy day, everyone, weave on, spin on, knit on! Metaphorically for most of us.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Success! Yarn appears!

Yesterday, after I received several kind offers of yarn from generous freecycling people too far away to warrant the trip, another response arrived in my email box. This was from a freecycler five minutes' drive away, really interesting woman, great to meet. 

She had a bag of bright colored yarn left from a marvelous mitred-square Afghan, which she showed me, and she searched around a bit , coming up with a skein of possible face-color brown, yay.  We had a convo about kits, helpful cats, and I left so pleased, to get going right away winding the brown yarn, and knitting up a bright color on the current doll.

The brown yarn was translated by my camera into grey, who knows why.

Seen here three dolls in search of faces and hats. The new colors are so cheerful to work with, I think kids will like them. You'll see soon how these flat bits of work become dolls.

I was just reading  in Aeon about what constitutes being an adult, with various criteria, such as self supporting, marriage, parenthood, and wondered if an old lady getting all excited about colored yarn to play with can possibly qualify!

Happy day, everyone, do you consider yourself adult? Is it a desirable state? How to classify it.. I don't think much of the marriage and parenthood bits. It seems very possible to be a fully fledged adult, I know quite a few, to whom those  don't apply. I wonder if there are other better criteria.

The ceasefire is extended a bit more. I'll take it, if it means a bit more relief all around, to the Gazan  civilians and the hostages.  

Photo AC
who probably had no idea how much mileage I'd get from this little light photo when he gave me permission to use it.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Jennie, and the little cactus that could

You know how I knit socks and gloves for the special project, and send my work off to a community of sisters, to be added in to their work? Here's where it goes! This is Jennie, the convent resident dog, in chapel with one of the sisters. I met her, well, both of them, when I stayed there with a guild group learning gold work embroidery.

She turned up this week in her own right on Twitter, on one of the few accounts I still check in there, a weekly roundup of video of dogs and their stories. And here's one I've met!

left to right, presenter inset, Jennie, Sister.  There's also a black and white cat, and for many years,  a pony, Pony, a real mischief maker, quite a character. There's a book about him now.

And the Thanksgiving cactus is really coming through

I notice that even when a plant is small, it produces full-size flowers. This one's doing well, more buds there. I'm always surprised when the pink buds become bright coral flowers.

I made a freecycle request for yarn, and got a couple of offers, too far away to be practical for pickup, but kind anyway. Meanwhile I can knit partial dolls then add on the faces and hats when I get face-colored yarn.

Father Dowling continues to entertain me, with those huge cars, skidding round corners. I learned to drive long ago in a V8, and have never really got used to smaller cars since. I still  expect half a mile of metal in front of me! My current car could sit on the hood of a V8. 

Happy day, everyone, if your knitting supplies, real or metaphorical, are incomplete in any sense, it's the human condition!

More hostages released in Gaza, and Israel's minister acknowledged it's a Biden truce, not a Netanyahu truce. Take that, people who think he's a weak Presidential candidate!  He's one of the best presidents we ever had. And you know why people whine that he's too old? It's because she's black.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

The old is new again, and upcoming events prep

Last evening I finally got around to watching some Father Dowling, the brand-new-in-shrinkwrap DVDs I found at the library sale.

And found they're really fun. Steve, the nunly sidekick, is a great tearaway character. It's old fashioned, people don't move and talk that way now, but still good. I never even heard of this series before, not being a TV watcher.

Yesterday saw the last of the Thanksgiving veggies plus spinach, turned into an omelet, with plenty of long red pepper ground in.

After the spinach cooked down to practically nothing, as it does, I added the eggs with peas and corn, and that worked fine. And I turned off the burner.

I ordered a book of year long daily poems for my upcoming birthday, and will start the reading on the appropriate day. Accompanied by favorite treats.

The Australian offering looks like a relative of sponge candy which I love and rarely find in affordable amounts. I couldn't remember the term sponge, and spent quite a while online searching foam (!) and finding many references to styrofoam, none edible, before the right word showed up.

At this point I'm grandly planning on one piece per daily poem. We'll see.

Meanwhile, back in the knitting arena, I found the unfinished doll

On a stitch holder and thought ah, next it needs a face, I'll just check for right colored yarn. Then I found out why it's on the stitch holder. No face colored yarn in the house. Oh.  I'll get some bits of yarn from the stash at the library on Friday then, and continue. 

These Izzy comfort dolls are what I'm planning to make for children living on  a native American reservation out west. poor pictures from a while back, but you get the idea, and the size.

The Izzy doll has a moving history, which you can check. I've made dozens of these for AIDS orphans in Africa, used as packing for the medical lab glass shipped to AIDS clinics in Africa by ICROSS Canada. Then the postage got prohibitive and I switched to the more local Sock Ministry, but I'm taking a side trip into dolls just now. Once I get my yarn sorted, that is.

Happy day, everyone, whatever day it is, don't ask me, I'n still confused by the US holiday.