Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dolliver Kennels Triumphs at Westminster

Here victorious handler NameMe shows off new champion wire haired terrier, from the Dolliver Kennels.  His origin: Knit your own Dog knitting book by Sally Moore and Joanna Osborne.  

So he's now Grand Champion Kyod of Dolliver Kennels, showing his marble trophy, from both sides.  He has no bad side, proud NameMe tells me.  But he's wondering when we fill the trophy with champagne.

Once home from the talk shows NameMe and Knod are joined by the rest of the Kennels, see the whippet and the Irish setter, and the two fluffy mixed breeds, now welcome at Westminster, too, in agility.  And we had honored guests, Lenox King Charles Spaniel and Herend Afghan along with the Dalmatian, who dropped in for a swig of champagne.   And they all send their best to Sky, the Westminster winner this year.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Having your say

Up to now, I've rarely responded in the comments section of my blogs, largely because I feel as if I've had my say when I wrote the post, and that the comments are for readers to play in.  Like when people waiting to have their say on radio call in shows finally get on the air, I hate when the host keeps interrupting and challenging them, so I avoid that.

But it also occurs to me that a lot of bloggers nowadays do take part in the comments, and I wonder if that would be a welcome move to you, dear blogistas?  I don't like you to feel you commented and the commented landed on empty air, when in fact I devour and love comments of all kinds other than spam.

Would you please comment (!) and let me know?  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Westminster soon, dogs bringing their owners to the city

In a few days, the Westminster Kennel Club great big dog show will burst onto New York, complete with thousands of dogs bringing their owners to prance about the show rings, celebrities with their teeny tiny pocket dogs getting on camera, the excitement about whether the grand winner will be small enough to sit in the trophy for pictures, or big enough to give the judge a ride home.

When Andy and I had parallel petcare businesses, we were keen watchers, complete with special snacks for the two evenings of watching, and choices of favorites and hisses when yet again the Dalmatian didn't  win, much to KC (resident Dal)'s disappointment.  It was a kind of official bonding event all around.

And since the local Trenton AKC event, huge, in early May, is one of the major events the dogs have to succeed at on the way to Westminster, that was an official Staff Day Out, since it's in the county park usually in great weather and you can get in among the dogs and their handlers, all very cool.  Every breed you ever heard of and more.  All kinds of agility and fancy dancy events, great fun.

When you're self employed, you take your work fun where you can find it!