Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dolliver Kennels Triumphs at Westminster

Here victorious handler NameMe shows off new champion wire haired terrier, from the Dolliver Kennels.  His origin: Knit your own Dog knitting book by Sally Moore and Joanna Osborne.  

So he's now Grand Champion Kyod of Dolliver Kennels, showing his marble trophy, from both sides.  He has no bad side, proud NameMe tells me.  But he's wondering when we fill the trophy with champagne.

Once home from the talk shows NameMe and Knod are joined by the rest of the Kennels, see the whippet and the Irish setter, and the two fluffy mixed breeds, now welcome at Westminster, too, in agility.  And we had honored guests, Lenox King Charles Spaniel and Herend Afghan along with the Dalmatian, who dropped in for a swig of champagne.   And they all send their best to Sky, the Westminster winner this year.


  1. Arf, arf, woof! Up with NameMe!
    We all jumped on Boud until she put this comment.

  2. Well I should say that Westminster got it all wrong voting for Sky when it's perfectly obvious Kyod was more deserving.

  3. NamwMe looks a little overwhelmed by it all

  4. boud, what fun. you may have to put an addition on your house, the way your little family is growing...and all the dogs are priceless

  5. What fun! The new addition to the kennel is simply adorable. :)


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