Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dollivers anxiously following the weather patterns

The Dollivers, promised a first ever visit to the stitching guild's monthly meeting tomorrow, leapt into their best knitted gear, hatted, sweatered, best silk undies, the lot, jumped into the traveling bag and then we found that the snow may start during the meeting.

Another major snowstorm starting tomorrow, up to a foot of new snow.  So they refuse to get out of the traveling bag, now that they're gowned and bagged, or as they like to put it, bound and gagged, and Bette Davis insisted on checking online to see what was going to happen tomorrow.

The thing about living here in central NJ not far from a long coastline is that we tend to be in the middle of colliding weather systems.  Sandy was one giant collision of two big storms meeting right over our roof.  

So tomorrow's storm may be a foot or more of snow, or a mix with ice or rain, or gumdrops, I mean wintry mix, who knows. Anyway, we're ready, complete with tools, labels, needles, ref books promised to other stitchers and Dollivers anxious to get in there and  run the show.

Here we all are, ready, and wondering if skis might be the traveling mode tomorrow.  And wondering if the new format this post suddenly decided to go into after deleting half of itself, is a function of the weather patterns.


Minimiss said...

Dollivers and possible snowstorms could make for an interesting day.

Ash said...

Here's hoping that the weather man is wrong and the Dollivers can come out of the bag :)

annie1931 said...

Isn't this all a big pain - the Dollivers are quite right to be a bit huffy. We, too, await something - it was a bit of snow last night, now it's sunny, but there is that blinking light on my computer that signifies something...or nothing.

We wish you and the Dollivers very little, if any, precipitation.