Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Dollivers Strut Their Stuff for the Stitchers

Despite the exaggerations of the weathermen, the snow did not show up,but the stitchers and the Dollivers did.

The monthly meeting of the embroiderers' guild was hampered at intervals by the Ds trying their hands at the current perforated paper project, joining in, while the rest of us admired the marvelous many-parted needlework case being passed around, and the Thai stitched purses, brought back as gifts from family of one of our members in Thailand recently.

 If there's a nicer way to spend a Sunday afternoon among friends toward the end of a long grim winter, we're not sure what it would be.


  1. That needlework case looks very interesting and the Thai embroidery very colourful. I will wait with interest to see your perforated paper creation.

  2. I would imagine the D's created quite a fuss at the meeting...I can see them taking over the whole thing. Curious mind wants to know...are the colourful 'things' on the outside of the bag wooden beads?

  3. They're wooden painted disks that resemble buttons. I think!


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