Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Ds in unaccustomed finery

Speaking of awash, Judy....so the Dollivers did manage to get some bling going, after rummaging in my new bead stash and finding the strings of beads. I explained that this is like the Oscars -- you borrow the jewelry, under guard, here in the persons of Marigold and Duncan, who briefly investigated the scene then decided it's not for cats --and return it right after the photo shoot.

They did mutter darkly about knowing where the beads were kept, in case I thought they might give them up so easily.  For now all is safe, beads back in the little bags, Dollivers back in their nook.

Freecycling for my neighbors goes on merrily.  Currently I have a highchair and a bouncy toy thing that looks like a giant ladybug in my kitchen, and an eager throng wanting them tomorrow when I put them out. Only the first in line has the address right now, so if she shows up as planned, it's done.  

This is for a friend, in case you wondered how the heck I came about this!  I have freecycled some amazing items over the last couple of years for freecycle-challenged friends, whose houses are looking a lot more shipshape now.  I don't know about the houses of the people who took on the items, though.

I'm merely hoarding little bags of beads, very space saving.


  1. Ah the dollivers will not be easily separated from their new jewelry. Hopefully the stash remains safe.

  2. Hah - I wondered how long it would take before the D's were squabbling over those beads!

  3. and how long it would take before the cats decided to sample them. Luckily for you --and the cats--they lost interest. Trips to the vet to remove strings of beads can get expen$ive...
    i hear you about freecycling. Im at the receiving end of a lot of things, and at the giving end of others. right now i resemble a jumble sale, which delights the cats if not anyone else...


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