Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Take at look at Art the Beautiful and what's up there

If you're interested in what's up over in the art side of my life, take a look:

Field and Fen has been a bit sparse lately,largely because of the intensity of what's up in the studio, but that will ease up in the next couple of months.  At least that's the plan! 

And I've spared you endless pix of snow and more snow, and ice, and wind and sad cold people, so there's that.  I have made some great soup and bread, though, always welcome in winter.  I like having soup in the freezer so I don't have to emerge from the studio and then have to start thinking what to eat.  Currently it's a big batch of potato leek.

Remember that lovely lady on BBC cooking shows many years ago, giving a recipe for a leek dish, and starting with:  "Ladies, first take a leek"!  Live tv, they couldn't bleep it, just had to keep calm and carry on.

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  1. and lovely shades of blue.

    I don't recall that BBC lady, but I do recall the pair that had a five minute show where she cooked, using fancy cooking terminology, and he commented while drinking up the wine. Forget the name but it was awfully funny.


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