Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving evening.

Son gone home after a lovely day. Great food and chat, and video we slept through. Nice texts from friends.

Handsome Son always brings the cheeses and crackers to start, ginger ale, and the dessert. I do the bit in the middle.

Then, when he leaves, we have the Great Holiday Shareout. He  leaves me some pie, cheese and crackers, and I give him turkey, stuffing, sweet potato and cranberry sauce, so he has the makings of another meal. He turns down the peas and corn, already had his quota of them.

And now it's me and the bear in the corner, vegging out. Dishes can wait till tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone who celebrates today. Happy Thursday to everyone else.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Art starts off the Christmas season

Yesterday two artworks arrived here.

One is a handmade unique cookie from Petra's unique cookies, the other a wonderful crazy quilted artcard from Mary Anne of Magpie's Mumblings fame.

Lovely. The card will be treasured forever, the cookie not so much.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Bread, new twist

No pic, you've seen bread before. It's just that this time I put two cups of oats with the 5.5 cups of whole-wheat, and shook in some fennel seeds.

Really good idea. I've used oats before. It doesn't rise as much as with all flour, but it's dense and very good, great crust. And the fennel seeds, never used them before, are a great licorice flavor, very light, and really interesting. I'd reached for caraway seeds, found I had none, and tried these.

I'll do this again. Cheese toasted on slices for supper was very worth eating.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Two words. Kate Atkinson

The latest, a JacksonBrodie.Unputdownable.

For me, a bonus location, the Northeast coast of Yorkshire, recognized practically all of the scenery in a terrifying, great, narrative of human trafficking, heroines, dogs, incompetence, justice sometimes happening outside the law.

Just read it.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Salt, fat, acid, heat and I

I've been hearing about this for a while, in fact I know of a entire course created as a result of a local great cook reading it, and thought I'd take a look.

It's this month's book selection for the Bite Club, run by the aforementioned great cook, who's a reference librarian by day.

And, by gum, it's as transformative as they say. I've just read the section on salt and already I've decided about the Thanksgiving turkey breast prep. I'm going to brine and spice it.  And, to read  is to act around here, I tested my new salt knowledge  with my nightly cup of cocoa.

I always use the real cocoa the kind in the can where the complete list of ingredients is: cocoa.  And a pinch of turmeric, honey, whole milk powder. And this time I used sea salt, coarse. And remembered to taste it after each few grains.

It was a whole lot more interesting than the unsalted kind I've always made. I figured that since salt on dark chocolate is great, this might be, too.  Try it. It's good.

And there's a lot more to salting than I realized. I like kosher salt for a lot of use, coarse seasalt and pink salt too, rarely use iodized, don't like the aftertaste. And we can get iodine from other foods. But now I'm learning a lot more about using it.

So I thought I'd just say.