Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring might have finally got here. It's true and I can prove it.

Warmer day today, first one in ages, high 50s.F, and I thought since the snow was vanishing off the deck I may as well sweep off some of the winter debris. 


Stepped out, and shrieked!  All the snowdrops had suddenly stood up and bloomed. Overnight.  All six of them!  Blazing away, two months late, locked under ice and snow for months,  but still there, yay them.  Hero flowers.  First sign of spring.
Two portraits.

Well, yes, I was a bit excited.   I celebrated by putting out a suet cake for the birds, since they'll soon need to keep up their strength for the nest building program.  Since the snowdrops have played the overture.

Couple of weeks ago I ran into a friend out walking her dog, in the teeth of a bitter wind, snow blowing, ice everywhere, and she said gallantly, just think how we'll appreciate the Spring if it ever gets here!  I bet her little dog takes her coat off today.


  1. How lovely! It is good that spring is finally coming and you can bask in some warmer weather.

  2. Congrats on getting Spring. Still feet of snow here and after a perfectly lovely sunny day the forecast calls for more snow overnight. Rats !! Never mind we all got our annual exercise last weekend by springing forward (tip of the hat to Maxine).

  3. Very pretty snowdrops. That means only one thing to me - winter is on its way (sigh), although nowhere near as cold as yours.

  4. Just checking your blog again. Yup, thems Snowdrops in NJ. Seeing is believing right enough.

  5. I may have spoken too soon. Bitter wind back, freezing temps, icy rain, possible snow. All my fault, I broke the Spring.


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