Monday, March 17, 2014

Oh, we won't get up in the mooooooorning...

Call this St. Patrick's Day?  there's yet another fall of snow, and the Dollivers decided to hold their parade safely in bed, with accompanying serenades from Elton.  Whatever happened to those St. Patrick's Day when you planted potatoes and peas in this neighborhood, huh? huh?

Note the green surroundings, though...and Elton played Rose of Tralee, tra-la, Dolly Boy, and the Sleeping in the Green, with other seasonal selections.


  1. Oh phew - when I first saw that picture I was afraid the D's had succumbed to some horrible galloping ick and were sick in bed!

  2. Every year I think about planting on St Paddy's Day and it has always made me laugh. This year it is making me smile wanly. Am I getting old? ;)

  3. What a wonderfully lazy parade. :)


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