Friday, October 22, 2021

Misfits, next figure, bridging cooking and art

Very glad I switched back to Friday delivery. The box arrived about midday, so all the prep was done before 2. It takes a while, but it's only once every two weeks. And I have plenty of raw material for making vegetable stock.

The quality is good, as usual, the romaine lettuce really crisp.  That will be supper, with one of those tomatoes and carrot pennies, maybe in a pita bread. The apples and lettuce are now being shipped in resealable, reusable  bags, I'm happy to say.

And the lemon curd is just a treat for moi. I've made it before but doing it right is endlessly time and labor intensive. So I thought I'd delegate it to good old Chivers. The olives are a little extra, too.

The dates will go into date nut bars at some point.

And yesterday I used the Granny Smith apples to make apple turnovers, one of which I had for breakfast. What? It's apples, it's breakfast food..

While I was at it, I macerated the fruit, and reduced the juice and molasses, then added it back, and the result was deffo worth it.

It reminded me how art and cooking have so much in common. They need harmony in materials, balance, composition, fearlessness, willingness to go wrong, realizing when one idea can just as well work somewhere else, and playfulness. Good art and good food are serious but not solemn. And you don't keep thinking about these lofty issues while you work. You just plunge in. Stepping off soapbox now,  to test a turnover.

They look pretty artisanal, also sticky, but who's counting. Two in the freezer for a future dessert with handsome Son. The rest are in harm's way!

Decks are cleared

And I've moved on to the next figure, which will probably be close to lifesize, unless I decide it's really a bust, we'll see.. 

The face here is mounted on embroidery stretcher bars, the soft wood kind.  Image is 8.5×11. Three layers of fabric, two layers of images printed on transparent silk, one a photograph of Sophocles, one a photograph of my front yard daisies. 

There are references here I can talk about later. If anyone's interested, that's to say. I really like the snooty expression on his face. I'M ATHENIAN, who are you?

The idea is that the stitching will create a low relief sculpture, then the face will be appliqued onto a head. I love this kind of shaping. 

Even to the point of finding in the art closet, late last night, the right stretcher bars and push pins designed for the job, which won't damage the fabric. They come with a special little tool to remove them, too.

I'll make a fabric draft for a full length figure, to keep the idea warm. And I'm wondering  if I'll co-opt part of the green sari, there's plenty, for this figure, either to dress it or to be the actual figure. TBD. I woke up in the night thinking about this. Probably because I can see the sari from my bed.

So all this activity and I'm still a bit wobbly for driving, knocked a couple of other plans off the calendar. It's all good.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like Sophocles is about to live again!

Ms. Moon said...

I've never made a turnover. Perhaps it is time for me to go there. Glen is always talking about his grandmother's apple and cherry fried pies. I know that he'd love for me to try those too but I so rarely fry anything. Maybe turnovers would do.
This new figure is going to be a very unique and interesting piece.

Boud said...

It's me or him.

Boud said...

It's just a pasty stuffed with apples cooked with a bit of molasses, bit of white sugar, cinnamon, you know, usual stuff. I like Granny Smith best. More flavor and they keep their shape.

We'll see how the figure turns out. I'm already rethinking the stitching!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looks like a great haul from Misfits. I'm rather envious of the broccoli because we haven't had any for awhile. The price has risen so much that it has to be reserved for an extreme treat.
Must say I'm excited to see where you will go with the latest figure creation. The fearlessness and willingness to go wrong part of your post struck a chord because that's exactly what I've been doing all afternoon. A new landscape is underway and it's giving me 'issues'.

Boud said...

I'm glad to hear you're into a new landscape. Issues or not.

Surprised about the broccoli prices. Misfits us always so much cheaper that it's not an issue, if it's available.

Joanne Noragon said...

Wonderful turnovers. Food is so intriguing.

Bonnie said...

Those misfits sure look good. I am looking forward to seeing the progress of this figure! You may end up with a statue or a life size doll sharing your home!

Mike O'Brien said...

I appreciate your paragraph on the similarities between art and cooking. So true!

Looking forward to the next figure - this glimpse of your mind at work is intriguing.

Chris from Boise

Boud said...

I can only guess at other people's minds at work. You get a ringside seat! Circus is a good simile, too.

Boud said...

I have a chair in mind, in case that happens

Leigh said...

Wow, those turnovers look really good! My husband would love these. I have to say that I'm on the Misfits email list, but have yet to join!

Your Sophocles project sounds really interesting! I look forward to the results.

Boud said...

With your gardening I'm not sure misfits would have much to add!

pam nash said...

Looks like an interesting project. I hope we get to see the steps along the way.

Boud said...

I doubt if you can escape them!

ellen abbott said...

Misfits will now deliver to me but after checking it out I decided I really prefer picking my own produce and things I want not things I must use. those turnovers do look good. Tuesday is shopping day, I'll have to pick up some apples and pie crust. no I don't make my own. lazy that way.

Boud said...

You do pick your own produce. They don't have everything every time you order because it's all about what's available. But everything I get I chose. It's always been that way, but the choices are greater now. They used to send a box of their choices if you forgot to order, but now they just pass over you and you order when you're ready.

Anyway it suits me.

Boud said...

It occurs to me you mean pick as in handle the produce before you buy? I can see that. The quality here though has been very good. But yes, you might still prefer to handle before buying.