Sunday, May 26, 2024

Reading, planting, weaving, stitching

 Hot today, but I did get my seeds in. This was later.

The deck was in shade, but when I was out it was 85 feels like 90. I did get the seeds in, labeled and squirrel proofed, and the lemon balm cut back,  but it was heavy going.

I had planned on sitting out to read, but it felt too hot, so I came in, drank a large glass of water, and dozed a while. Officially reading 

It's fantasy with a bit of magic and I can't remember who recommended it. I'll stay with it a while, but it's pretty far out of my comfort zone as they say.

And the couple of hot days reminded me to switch out the red felt winter door curtain for the summer green and white stripes canvas.

This canvas is excellent at blocking heat while letting light in. I bought it years ago and still get Amazon questions I can't answer about it. Such as what's the exact content of the fabric.  Can it be stitched on a machine. How many yards will the asker need for their porch! They don't ask how high is up, but close.

I did get into stitching, and the design is finally coming clear to me. You can see the radiating lines from the core of the dress to the edges.

And about the pinloom weaving puzzle, today I solved the mystery of what I kept doing wrong while chatting, and how to fix it without taking work out, yay. A workaround.

I've pretty much finished this yarn and might have to think what it should become.  Not today, holiday.

Aside from the Crows, there's currently 

One of the "daughter marrying wealth, to rescue the family from the brother's improvidence" group, less entertaining than the comedy of errors novels. 

Pretty businesslike approach to the barter aspect of wealthy marriage and settlements, and some unnerving abduction and blackmail aspects. Normal scenes of English Regency family life..

Happy day, everyone, quite a few people have a holiday weekend, what with Whitsun and Memorial Day.

I think AC's Little Light works for both 


  1. I can see placemats or mug rugs coming from those squares.
    They look awesome. Well done

  2. Replies
    1. Tomorrow will be cooler, also raining! So I seized the day.

  3. I will be interested in what you do I was just gifted one of those looms and haven't had time to touch it yet.

  4. Oh, those Amazon questions. I’ve been there! The dress stitching design is a masterpiece. Glad you figured out a work-around with the pinloom weaving. The squares are beautiful. I love those colors. I look forward to seeing what you decide to do with them.

    1. I wonder what to make, too. I'm glad I found out what I did wrong. It was a puzzle.

  5. My boss loves those Leah Bardugo books, and she does get a lot of the high schoolers to read them. They don't look like my thing.

  6. 🎵This little light of mine
    You keep letting it shine🎶

  7. We had one hot day but we could wear a winter coat again this morning though it is sunny. Stay cool, Boud.

  8. Going to be hot as Hades (as my granny used to say) around here this week. Well up into the nineties. Of course we're used to that. Haha! We're used to it happening but not exactly comfortable in it. I admire you for getting those flower planted and the lemon balm cut back.
    Not sure I'd enjoy the book either. I like some fantasy but it has to be really, really good. Whatever that means.
    Stitch on, good lady!

    1. I waited so long for the bardugo book I had to try it. I can't say I'm into it. One of those single gimmicky idea books for which I can't be bothered with science fiction.

  9. How did I know you would figure out what you did wrong and work it out, and how to carry on with the stitching . I guess I'm a genius. Wait, I think that would be you!

  10. Glad you were able to get your planting done and just in time for the rain.
    Seeing your pile of weavings made me ponder the possibility of making them into a throw.


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