Saturday, October 1, 2022

White rabbits, foxy stitchers


And celebrate Justice Jackson, new SCOTUS member and a minority in every sense. 

And that's my senator congratulating her. We urgently need more of her, because SCOTUS is cratering.

On to more hopeful things, from one aged knitter to an even more aged knitter

My knitting group yesterday was great fun again, and I learned a way to do an icord edging on a diagonal edge from S. who figured it out while we chatted. 

Chat ranged from comparing notes on Florida friends and relatives, family jokes, making jewelry from paperclips,  work dress codes and celebrating a newborn granddaughter of one member, Avery, age one week, and the expectation next Spring of another grandchild to another member.  

In the space of two weeks we've marked a death, my sister, a birth and a new pregnancy. Milestones and friends to mark them with. All while making beautiful things, socks, hat, sweater, baby cardi, shawl, and punch hook hanging. Doesn't get much better.

Earlier there was a racket of chainsaws down the street and I looked out to see a long dead tree finally being removed

Came home from knitting group and nothing left but sswdust on the ground.

There will be a 25' red maple in that spot soon, we're told.

And for people who love kaleidoscopes

I was asked by a crafter librarian for ideas for upcoming craft sessions where the project has to be learned and executed in a single session by adults often with great enthusiasm and little experience. 

I checked my old teaching notes and found a couple of ideas for easy miniature making, viz

The chair is made from plastic needlepoint canvas or heavy card, if you don't have balsa wood handy.

And you can fill the grocery bag with doughnuts, Cheerios, decorated with markers like chocolate, iced, glitter for sprinkles etc. 

The shaker boxes you paint or marker with designs. Silly fun for grown-ups. Also kids if they get a look in.

Happy day everyone, we're wet here, the remnants of Ian, but lucky it's only remnants. Enjoy your first day of October, however that got here so soon beats me.


  1. There's always a surprise! The librarian is fortunate to have a trove of knowledge in you. We had a light rain this morning.

  2. With Christmas season a few weeks away try this one for craft:

  3. Ketanji Brown Jackson's presence on the court is just about the best news for now.
    However, your knitting group may run a close second. What fun that sounds like!
    I hope they use some of your ideas for crafting.

  4. Those miniatures ideas all sound like fun to me, especially the donuts!

  5. The donuts are where a beginner learns about seeing and transforming. And some people like to call them bagels.

  6. Mr T: she sometimes reads this blog, so maybe she'll pick up on the link. Thank you.

  7. Wonderful post
    Replacing a tree with one that fall on structures baffles me. There are foundation trees that don't grow tall that have lovely shape.

  8. Your knitting group sounds wonderful. I might try some of your crafting ideas with the grandkids.

  9. Hmmm... I was thinking replacing the dead tree was nice, until I read Salty's comment. Then I wondered what you and other residents think. I like trees, but I don't live there, so my thoughts are irrelevant. Glad you're enjoying your knitting group. Sounds like a lovely group of people.

  10. Can you take a storm called Ian seriously?

    WE have two ash trees opposite us - and several along our little side road - that have fallen victim to the ash disease its name escapes me but it's all over the place. We have told the council and they say, "All in due time we will get to it." We've already stopped parking in front of our house - direct line of fall - so I hope they get to it soon.

  11. We lost all our ash trees to the ash borer, too. This one wasn't an ash, but sturdy despite being dead for years.
    Maples don't typically go down, so they're a good replacement. We don't put in evergreens though, because they do go over after heavy rain.

    About Ian: you don't have any choice about taking it seriously if you're in its path.

  12. Yay for getting together with your knitting group. Good that they removed the dead tree and are planning to replace it. Just have to hope that happens in a timely manner.


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