Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Textiles and Tea, Sock Ministry

 Yesterday's Textiles and Tea was a great presentation by. Navajo weaver Venancio Aragon, observing his cultural traditions while making his art his way. As you see.

He works with tufting, where locks of wool are inserted, not knotted, into the work, which is beautiful from back as well as front. He refers to his bright color ranges as his Rainbow Aesthetic . 

He shows, at the Heard Museum and elsewhere annually,  with his mother, tapestry wall hangings. He also weaves functional saddle blankets, seen behind him in his studio.

He spins the yarn he dyes, too, using all kinds of spinning tools from an electric spinner to the Navajo spindle he shows here, made for him and inscribed with significant graphics. He also honors Spider Woman, the weaver seen above with her loom. 

Very knowledgeable about cultural and political history, he discussed the Spanish influence on Southwest weaving and design, and quickly had presenter Kathi out of her depth, but was very courteous about helping her back to dry land, with a good humored touch. 

The viewer left the session feeling very much educated by a generous, knowledgeable master spinner, weaver, dyer and historian. Well done, Handweavers Guild of America! 

Meanwhile back on earth

the socks are done, two views, ready to dance.

And the new pair-in-one is cast on. I'll let you know how it goes as it goes. 

Also the chilly weather, too soon for the heating, caused the return of the Jacket of Many Colors I knitted last year, from rectangles in that technique whose name I will remember as soon as I publish this post!

Handsome Son visiting today, happy about his miniature cat getting attention, and reminded me that he'd made and discarded several cats before deciding this one was worth painting, no regrets. His mother's son in action at six years old!

Happy day everyone, we'll be eating crumble with our tea.


  1. Such beautiful, colourful weaving! A favourite song/chant at my drumming circle back in the day was one with a verse honouring "Spider Woman, weaving her web." Actually, the image of the Divine Feminine weaving the web of interconnectedness is a popular one in Goddess spirituality and featured in several songs/chants we used to sing.

  2. Yes, the spider is the ultimate weaver.

  3. Now I've learned a little about Spider Woman. I do like his work, really like it. I also fancy those socks and that jacket! Enjoy the visit.

  4. I love your smiling selfie and your son is right about his cat!

  5. Fantastic socks. Fzbulous weaving and we love the colours. F needs to go and research him on tinternet now. Be Mr T

  6. That is a wonderful jacket. I am in awe and envy over those socks.
    Off to google your native weavers.

  7. Those socks are much more identical. Good job.

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  9. Joanne's comment appeared three times! I managed to catch one duplicate but the other got through and I've deleted it. Blogger playing silly games.

  10. Six years old sculpting a cat like that, handsome son has talent. I hope he keeps up with it.

    Love your knitted sweater jacket.
    The weaver, the piece hanging in the gallery is stunning.

  11. Handsome Son's cat is so real you can almost see its tail twitch. Has he done anything further with art? Thank you for more details on your life with miniatures. Fascinating! As another commented, how wonderful to make friends from customers.

    This Tea With Textiles sounds particularly interesting. I too will look up more information on Mr. Aragon. And lovely socks!

    Chris From Boise

  12. Handsome son makes sculpey, plastic clay, works for his own pleasure, incorporating them into his life -- adding to items he uses, making the occasional container, that sort of thing.

  13. Another pair of cute sox. How smart you are!

  14. Great-looking socks! Someone will love them I know. I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of that jacket. It's getting cool enough here to wear something like that.
    Seeing that cat and marveling at the talent at such a young age...glad to hear that he still sculpts. Creative talent obviously runs in the family!


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