Wednesday, June 23, 2021

What's more lovely than a day in June

Today was triple A. Weather sunny, low humidity, in the 70s.  Neighbor ran over early, toast in hand, to tell me he was in heaven with the plum jam. "I'm LOADING  it on the muffin, look!" Evidently he liked it. 

Then I listed on Freecycle an HP inkjet printer in its original box, my unused backup, worked last time I tried it. Complete with cables, installation instructions etc. 

Picked up by afternoon by a lady for her special needs students to use. Everybody happy. I fervently hope it works for them. 

Then off for  ice cream at the local hand dipped place, first in two years. Butter pecan. Single scoop. Sugar cone.

Served at the window, benches outside to sit and enjoy.

Off to the park

And a stroll by the lake, hundreds of darners ( brilliant blue slender dragonflies), mating joyfully in flight, attending to what I think is a nursery, clear jellylike material floating at the surface, they're prodding at it, l have to learn about this. Also beautiful ginger colored tiny dragonflies. We are blessed with many species.

Here's how it was today. The bench is where Handsome Partner and I used to come and sit while he could still manage a few steps, and where much later I came after making arrangements for his cremation, at the funeral home a short distance from here. 

I've also come here to draw and paint with an artist friend now gone. But it's not a sad place, just a quiet one, with good memories. I also did a couple of hilarious photo shoots with the Dollivers here modeling little black dresses while hugging trees. Speaking of trees

 if you love woodland fairy tales and fantasy, this might be a habitat for gnomes.

Home to chat with neighbors and read Persuasion. Waiting on a couple of library DVD productions of it. Yes, of course the Ciaran Hinds version is one of them. Obligatory.

In the middle of the reading and chatting, a hefty man with a ladder showed up asking if I would let him clear the gutters. Another big guy doing good work around here.

Evidently they're clear, good. I wasn't aware of a problem anyway. He put back my furniture and departed with the ladder, and I continued with the history of the Elliots and their impending move to Bath. 

Captain Wentworth (Ciaran Hinds in my mind, hush up) hasn't made an appearance yet but Anne's all of a doodah already about the prospect.

She might not be the only one..


  1. There's nothing like an ice cream cone on a warm summer day!

  2. What a wonderful day! Don't you love it when you see someone thoroughly enjoy something you have made and given them! Your pictures are lovely, especially the ones of the lake. Butter pecan, yum that's one of my favorites. We just recently had our gutters cleaned. It can make a big difference when it rains.

    1. Apparently our gutters are cleaned regularly. I just never was around when they came.

  3. Something as simple as an ice cream cone is pure pleasure these days.

  4. Yes. A very good day. I imagine that you feel a closeness to Handsome Partner when sit in that bench. I hope so.

    1. Yes. His birthday is next Sunday. He would have been 89!!

  5. I finally had screens put on my gutters because of all the tree leaves that fill them up. now they just pile on top. not sure it's an improvement. your perfect summer day sounds like out perfect spring day.

  6. A happy day, all around. I would have ordered two scoops in a waffle cone.

  7. It does sound like a lovely day though here we'd have had it back in April! Too hot in June.

  8. Ah, the pure joy found in an ice cream cone! We have to vacate the premises on Tuesday after getting our carpets cleaned and I think we'll make our yearly pilgrimage to the ice cream factory for a treat - two scoops, two flavours, waffle cone. If I'm going to mess with my lactose intolerance I'm going to go wholeheartedly. Enjoyed seeing your pictures!


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