Friday, June 4, 2021

Good neighbor, Mitered Tunisians, Breadtopia and Misfits

Busy day of many moving parts punctuated by thunderstorms.

Early this morning my neighbor came over to collect my car key because he wanted to inflate my tires while he was doing his own. He did mine first, honestly, he's worth all the strawberry jam and little somethings that end up at his door. Then he went on to attend to his pickup.

I was busy working on my first lace weight project using the blue yarn and a fine hook to try a Tunisian Mitered Square. Tricky getting something this small going until you have enough to hold while you work. 

Also getting your eye in to this scale is a trick, after the yarn I've been using. But I prevailed and now I have another scissor fob. You can see the relative size against the first one.

Scissor fobs are useful for helping you locate the scissors which have buried themselves in the threads and needlebooks and fabric in your bag. They're also good to keep track of your own stuff in workshops where several people might be using similar scissors. For embroiderers,  they're a chance to make a little personal stitchery. In my case they're also a handy destination for idle musing.

In the middle of this I heard the front door open, thought it was neighbor though he usually announces himself so as not to startle me. 

Looked up and there's a total stranger in the living room looking at me in bafflement. Beautiful young Indian lady. I asked if maybe she'd come into the wrong house? 

She said, I think I must have, sorry, sorry. Not the first time people have done this. They go by a vague set of directions, don't check the house number, end up chatting with me. Off she went to try again. 

Then knitting group on-line,  and I left when I heard a thump at the door, thought it was my Misfits box and it wasnt. It was my Breadtopia!!

I had finally realized what was putting me off making bread.  It was the mixing of the dough with a wooden paddle, best tool available but annoying, and hard on my hands.

A bit of research brought me to Breadtopia and this lovely dough mixing tool from Poland. While I was there I picked up some parchment paper already in sheets, and  some flour. 

I like very much how organic, small crop flour producers love to explain about their flours, how they work and why and what's the best use. 

I learned about bolted flour, too. It was pretty much a grain education. Bob of Bob's Red Mill is similarly a good teacher. They all love their product, real artisans. So now I can get on and make bread. 

Meanwhile I had a pasty for supper.These pasties are getting to be the kitchen drawer of cooking. Any old stuff ends up in them. 

Today was the original onion, mushroom, sausage, with additional leftover sweet potato, the last of the garlic Rondele soft cheese, and chunks of roast chicken. It was definitely a complete meal in your hand.

I ate it in the middle of a whirling dervish of a Misfits prep, when the box finally got here, through a massive thunderstorm.

Owing to consumer error, there are a lot of leeks. I meant two leeks, not two sets of two. Good thing I have the freezer. 

And between the leeks, scallions and white onions, I definitely have my share of the allium family.

I always prep rapidly, since the produce arrives cool and in good condition, and I want to get the best out of it, which means keeping it fresh or rapidly frozen while it's still at its best. I sound like a spokescook for Big Ag! Nooooo.

Anyway the cauliflower finally showed up, and my plans for it can now happen. The leeks and potatoes will be soup and possibly pasty filling. The broccoli will be just steamed, bit of butter. The mushrooms, who knows, they're always good somewhere. I expect if I try,  can figure out uses for the chocolate chips.

And the other items will find good homes in various dishes I have yet to figure out. The strawberries and blueberries might be jam. I wonder if you can make canteloupe jam.. with ginger? Must check.

After all this I sat down with a cup of tea and a little bowl of strawberries. They're different from our local ones in flavor.  Both are good. Our local ones are nearly done. The storm today probably didn't help, if the flattened plants on the patio are any indicator.

Nodding off now..



  1. I'm sorry, but I'm sitting here laughing hysterically. You got an overabundance of leeks in your order which wasn't funny in itself BUT couple that with the fact that I ordered what I thought was 1 lb. of fiddleheads - and instead I got one.measly.little.fiddlehead. You would think the person filling the order might question why anybody would order ONE fiddlehead and twig to the fact that just maybe I meant one pound. Resident Chef is going to cook the poor thing and we'll use our littlest knife and fork to split it halvsies.
    And....complete strangers in your house might be good reason to start locking your door??

  2. A helpful neighbour like that is worth his weight in gold!

    1. He lives to take care of people. And buy tools.

  3. It's good that stranger was a woman and friendly...Sweet dreams!

    1. They're all women. A neighbor has an Indian beauty business at home and her clients get the houses confused. So I'm used to having people trot in, rear back in dismay, obviously feeling silly, and often very worried about what I might do! One time an older man came to the door, not indoors, in search of his wife! His English was minimal so I mimed hair styling and he agreed that's where he meant to be! Too funny.

  4. I will be interested to see how your lace project goes.
    And to see where those lovely leeks do indeed end up!

    1. The Tunisian adventure is open ended. I don't know either! The leeks are really lovely, and I have, uh, plenty!

  5. How did I miss so many of your posts? especially when I think I am being thorough. so nice that you can order what you want from Misfits. there is a farm here that sells farm boxes but no choice, you get whatever they have and put in it. as such I don't usually buy one and it's far too much for just two people and we eat a lot of vegetables.

    I see you don't keep your door locked. I don't either not even when I lived in the inner city in a working class neighborhood. and the door would be open weather permitting. I had friends who lived in a much better neighborhood who always kept their door locked.

    1. I like the changes in misfits, even when I don't read closely and order too much! My excuse is that I need my new glasses, arriving next week, frequently misread.

      I live in a neighborhood full of friends. and keep my doors open because they need to know I'm ok. My car locks itself, which annoys me, unnecessary.

  6. Your misfits are always impressive.

    I would have been shocked to see a stranger in the house. But, the great neighbour makes up for it.

    1. It's not too scary when the intruders are tiny shy Indian women, embarrassed by their mistake!

  7. Thank you for the Breadtopia info! I look forward to exploring further. And what a neighbor!

    Chris from Boise


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