Sunday, September 25, 2022

One thing in, several out, ficus, Freecycle, Fiona

Yesterday was the Bringing in of The Ficus, now a bit over eight feet tall and almost fifty years old.

As usual I had to cut the taproot she'd put down over the summer, and a lot of hair roots, before she let go. 

Also as usual she came right out of the pot like a kid dragging her feet and leaving her boot behind.

But this was good because I was able to brush off some earth, then, once indoors and back in her pot and saucer, I added in new soil and watered it down.

And now she's all what kept you, been waiting to get in with my friends.

Reunion party last evening.

Some of the friends have left via Freecycle, while the weather is still warm enough to travel.

I started all of these from cuttings and rootings from the parent plants which I still have. 

No lack of takers including people who didn't read the entry and asked what they were! And would I split them up, yes, of course, but you need to tell me when you'll come, I'm not getting into a penpal correspondence about it.

But I'm nice to plant fans because I feel they're kindred spirits. And now I know it's easy to pass on extras via Freecycle.

While I was at it, I moved on some chairs I've had around unused for ages, 

I made the entry late last night and woke this morning to someone who wants to come by any minute. So I got up promptly to lug them outside onto the step,  where the last of the houseplants await pickup this morning too. 

The step's getting a bit crowded.

Yesterday was a day of finally getting things done. I baked bread now there's no need to think twice about heating up the kitchen

Oatmeal and wholewheat, very sturdy and artisanal, and ready for that Vermont butter and Vermont sharp cheddar you see in the picture.

I'm very concerned for Marie, our blogger friend on Prince Edward Island, and hoping she  and family managed to get through Fiona intact. It was a big hit on coastal Eastern Canada.

Thankful for a quiet day here and wishing you all a happy day everyone.

Photo AC 


  1. Thank you for the kind thoughts, Boud. We are fine. Just repaired the piece of soffit missing from the house. No power yet. We are using the generator. Our family is safe and well. Our daughter has some damage but it’ll be repaired. We are fortunate compared to others in the direct path of the storm. According to what we experienced, it must have been horrendous in Cape Breton and in Port aux Basques, Newfoundland.

  2. I'm surprised your ficus doesn't go into serious wilt after cutting the tap root. Next year you might not be able to get it in the house as it's already brushing the ceiling.

  3. Funny how our plants become sort of green companions over the years. I know I have a special fondness for some of mine. You are an excellent plant mama.

  4. Marie thank you for checking in I had seen the reports from those areas and was very worried about you.

    Ellen, the ficus does shed a bit each year when it comes in, then recovers. I've been doing this process for about 25 seasons now, and I think she's got the hang of it. Yes, next year might need a bit of pruning to come indoors.

  5. I'm also concerned about a blog pal in Nova Scotia. That looked like a heck of a storm. I didn't realize you allow your ficus to root into the ground over the summer. We move our avocado outside but I keep a saucer under it for just that purpose.

  6. If the ficus didn't get to root every year to recover from the season in a pot, I'd have a spindlier plant. Or I'd be repotting bigger and bigger. As it is, with the seasonal growth and root pruning about every ten years (!) I've maintained it in a pot I can manage.

  7. Your ficus looks lovely. I kept one for several years, and now lives on my daughter's porch and in her living room.

  8. I had no idea you could have plants that are sort of in the ground and sort of in a pot. I shall ask mine what they would like. I feel the answer would be anywhere the cats can't get them.

  9. Wow they look great inside
    Your so nice to be giving spare plants away.
    The weather is going insane everywhere.

  10. You are so good with plants, and, yes, Marie. It may be awhile before we hear form her.

  11. You have such good luck with plants and I'm sure the people you blessed with your extras are very happy. Can't imagine wrestling that big brute of a ficus out of the ground and then into the house.
    For sure we're sending thoughts and prayers to our people in the Maritimes who were so hard hit with that storm. I simply can't imagine knowing your house was swept out to sea...horrifying and terrifying.


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