Saturday, September 24, 2022

Knitters ahoy! And reading, with junk food for thought

Yesterday was a great knitting group, a full house, with work like this

Beautiful, no? S is a great knitter. Someone pointed out that you could tell who was knitting what, from the color choices which they'd dressed in, too. 

S was wearing an outfit in the warm mellow shades of the foreground hat, M in the blues and greys of the shawl she's working on, and I was in bright green and toned in with the current socks. 

At home, a sleepless night made me glad of junk reading, like this hugely enjoyable box o' gossip

Earlier, in contrasting,  I'd read this really serious examination of the history of monarchy as a concept and whether it has a future, very well written with the inside information of a reporter now free to write what his paper was obliged to suppress at the time. Not gossip, serious consideration of the concepts.

And here's the current book group selection

She wrote the Olive Kitteridge books, and I keep on thinking that's the writer, forgetting the actual writers name. This one promises to be as episodic and provocative and touching as earlier books featuring the main character here,  Lucy Barton. 

Yesterday on the way to the knitting group, I saw a double crested cormorant at the lake, sitting on a fallen tree snag, wings held out to dry in the sun. No place safe to pull over for a picture, but here's the pose

They're fishing birds, whose wings are not waterproof, because they dive and need  to be not too buoyant, or they wouldn't be able to stay under water to hunt. So when they surface,  they have to dry out like this.

They look primitive, like dinosaurs, which I guess they are.

Happy day everyone, today's plans include bringing in the ficus, the nights getting chilly now, sorting out the houseplants with a view to Freecycling duplicates, likewise  a few other household items, and a bit of urgent food shopping. If I get the current jigsaw puzzle completed, nearly there, I'll Freecycle it, share the wealth.

Doing pretty well at the moment, the knitting group being a great timely infusion of good company. 
May all your company be good today!




  1. Happy knitting group is a good way for being around people. You enjoy it so much, joining such a group feels less scary.

  2. Your knitting group is a good example of how different we all can be, making up a colorful world.
    My junk-mind reading right now is a biography of Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone magazine. "Sticky Fingers". At this point in the book, I really do not like Wenner but there is just enough rock gossip to keep me going.
    We have the anhinga here which is also a diving bird who must dry with wings outfolded. Also called "snake bird." They too look rather ancient.

  3. I guess it shouldn't be surprising that people knit with colors they wear, but it takes someone pointing it out. I'm reading a book you recommended, My Venice. She has my kind of humor and dry wit.Enjoy the day.

  4. Lovely that you were able to get together with your knitting group. Always uplifting to be among like minds.
    Interesting to see the cormorant and to read about why they need to dry their feathers. We don't have them locally that I've seen so I wasn't aware of that.

  5. Chilly. I can't imagine what that feels like. I'm still sweating.

  6. Ahh, so there’s been a whole book written on the subject that I have been musing over.

  7. I read Tina Brown's "Vanity Fair Diaries" and LOVED it -- so I can imagine how good "The Palace Papers" is! (I may have to get it.)

  8. Our knitting group is the same. We all match our projects. Probably as we mostly pick colours we like to work with
    Your bedding down for winter and we are gearing up for the summer.
    Hopefully it’s a nicer summer than last year and we can enjoy the sunshine outside

  9. Our cormorants are headed south soon. Actually I hope they left ahead of Fiona. She was terrible.

  10. Marie I've been thinking about you and hope you're safe, and your family.

    Angela, yes, I think it's not surprising we match our knitting!

    Steve, now maybe I have to get the Vanity Fair book! She's very funny vas well as astute.

    AC there are shelves of books in the subject of monarchy, but this one is more readable than most.

    Sandra I'm glad you're enjoying Venice. It's funnier than I expected.

    Mary I remember the anhinga from trips to Florida, only then I didn't know much about them, just that they looked very prehistoric.

  11. I have The Palace Papers and a couple other trashy Diana books. I wonder how long I will wait to find them in the library downstairs! Now that I have my abode squared away I must go join the knitting group!


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