Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Looking at yesterday, busier than it seemed at the time

Yesterday, wondering what to do for lunch, I decided on the banza (chickpea) pasta. I was just trying it for a change, but for some people it's a gluten free option.

So I tried it, with another new item, a great crushed tomato sauce with garlic and basil. I figured with this sauce, a chunk of parmesan rind added in, the pasta couldn't go far wrong.

And, waste not, want not, when I rinsed the jar, I saved the rinse water for soup, not wanting to throw away flavor. I do the same with the blender, too, when I've blended something like pesto.

Anyway, the pasta: the instructions say expect foam. So I thought, yes, chickpeas do foam up, not a problem. However at the point of being cooked, the pasta began to give off huge billows of foam, like a stovetop volcano. 

It ended happily though, 

and most of it will be lunch tomorrow for Handsome Son, with roast chicken and hot sausage.  We'll see how he likes the banza. I found it okay, not wonderful, acceptable.

 We're moving to monthly lunches rather than dinners because of his work schedule, because he gets only one day off a week, and getting into beach season, I think he'd rather go to the shore. He works late afternoon through evening, so lunch fits in.

Did you notice in the background up there, a banana bread! I forgot to mention that. I was baking that for tomorrow's dessert.

With ginger and golden raisins. Samples now happily received next door and down the street. 

I realized one of the reasons my spirits were down was the loss of Jackie, friend and keen bakery tester. So I realized that Chris, another good cook and neighbor, might enjoy a little something, too. She did. 

Contrary to expectations, good cooks are terrific audiences because they're so appreciative. Artists are terrific art students, same reason. And now I have a new addition to the little something distribution list. And I've cheered up.

Yesterday was beautiful, good for walking and seeing spring in action, complete with dragonflies like this biplane friend, on a twig near a huge fallen tree trunk, no doubt a great place for wildlife needing shelter.

And flowers, official and otherwise

And rabbits like this baby, too young to realize he should run

Then afternoon on the deck, reading Maisie Dobbs with intervals of Gardening with Gary, who's all excited about planting seeds.

The experiment in brioche knitting continues, with different yarn, same game plan. 

It needs a yarn with good stitch definition, translation: where you can see what you're doing. So I'm trying yet again, with a cotton yarn, before I finish the other one of this pair. 

I did a super stretchy cast on for the brioche, which I either invented or adapted, anyway good for a sock top. This is a pale mauve, not as white as it looks here.

And when I wanted a change from knitting, I started installing the lining on the vest.

So far so good. Today there's a Textiles and Tea event. Lately the offerings in general of various textile events I follow have been a bit feeble. 

Either they were so plagued with technical breakdowns they were nonstarters, or they were really really dull. Nice people doing  projects like buying an old weaving mill, overhauling the looms and talking about gears. Just not my thing, more like Mechanics Quarterly than textile art. But it has its place. 

So, as an insurance policy, in case this afternoon's presentation doesn't enchant, here's a couple of textile art offerings

Happy day everyone! 



Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

The picot Bigouden looks interesting. Adding it to searches. Not sure, but I think sometimes bunnies freeze, as if it makes them invisible.

Glad you are feeling better

Boud said...

I think you're on to something with the freezing. Older rabbits run much sooner.

e said...

Nice to know your mood has improved. I hope you enjoy your visit with Handsome Son.

Sandra said...

I have not thought of saving water when rinsing a can. Good idea! I used Banza for a couple of years when I was gluten free. It turned out my problem wasn't gluten. The flowers are beautiful, mine haven't opened yet. You inspired my post for today with your post yesterday!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've never had banana bread with ginger and golden raisins, but I bet it's terrific!

ellen abbott said...

I guess a busy day! My days seem busy but I don't accomplish as much as you. Though I did have a good day yesterday, a couple of hours in the studio working on the box, an hour and a half working on my watercolor, then yoga class.

Wilma said...

Now I am craving pasta with red sauce for dinner tonight! I still have some angel hair Banza, which I prefer to the thicker pasta shapes of Banza. The thicker ones seem too heavy and have an odd texture to me, but the angel hair suits me fine. The good thing is that Dennis can eat it and still manage his blood sugar levels.

Ms. Moon said...

Lady, you got a lot done!
I don't think I'll be trying garbanzo pasta any time soon. Thankfully, I am not gluten-intolerant.

Anonymous said...

You are one of the busiest, most creative and diversified women I follow. Live long and prosper.

Marie Smith said...

What a treat to see the little bunny though I imag8ne gardeners aren’t thrilled to see it.

I made a banana bread with cherries for the kids on their next visit. I’ve never had the chick pea pasta though I eat gluten free. Not a lover of chick peas really though I do eat them occasionally.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Another thing I learned here (that pasta can be made from garbanzo beans). You're always a wonder with all you manage to accomplish.

Minimiss said...

What beautiful bearded irises and that lace is exquisite.

Boud said...

Marrianne, long ago you made me a beautiful lace bookmark. It's now somewhere in a book, and I live for the day I unearth it again!

Jenny Woolf said...

I always love to see logs and think of the little creatures that find shelter there. And
your post reminded me I have some banana bread in the freezer!

Martha said...

Oh, that banana bread sounds delicious!

Liz Hinds said...

Cute bunny. Because Younger Son is gluten-intolerant he tried a variety of pastas. I'm not sure any compare with wheat.