Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Good eye witness report , Textiles and Tea, fiber plans

All's well with Eye One, now ready for Eye Two tomorrow . Very good reports up to now. And the optho promised a word with the anaesthesiologist to dial down the fentanyl in the mix, to avoid the aftereffects. So  all's good.

Handsome Son and I had a rapid lunch, card presentation and cake, before he had to dash into work, taking half the remaining cake home with him, birthday custom. It went well. It's pretty good, worth the dratted pitting.

Then I fell into a deep sleep, partly the cake, partly the effects of being out in feels like 100+ temps. 

I woke with the alert telling me Textiles and Tea was up.

She's very young but already established, famous textile artists such as Rebecca mezoff messaged in as she talked, to greet her.

She works in tapestry, very small, here about six by nine inches, and overshot, very large, here seen as bedspreads. And she embroiders in cross stitch. Next she fancies willow basket making! Such energy and talent, fun to watch, and so happy in her life.

Later I caught Sally Pointer on YouTube organizing her fibers and seeing that wonderful array of threads it occurred to me that I might mix roving into my natural string.

I remarked recently that cord making us really spinning and plying, and it dawned that I could try drafting roving into the process of cord making, for a mixed wool and plant thread for making the rest of this basket or whatever it is.

Or maybe plying some spun yarn with string, we'll see.

 When my shoulder agrees, that is. Those few inches of cord I made a couple of days ago cost me. 

And socks will always be happening, just not as incessantly as before. Sister M knows the situation and is fine with it.

This morning, less hot today, nice rain for the plants, and the self seeded tomato has taken over, hopeful of a good crop, since we have plenty of growing year left. 

And, in the other corner, the sage has never grown like this, taking over chairs, other plants, all it surveys. 

The little Italian basil I started indoors in water, here meeting its future home

And here, established as a kitchen plant

My neighbor who grew up on a farm, swears by a pot of basil in the kitchen to deter insects. 

Soon the Thai basil will come in, too, to use in cooking. 

And the political scene appears more cheerful than for years, two new NATO members now in solidarity, right wingers in disarray with Scott's phone under scrutiny. 

I really wonder if there's an increase in stress-related medical events in the right wing. They're certainly seeing chickens coming home to roost big-time. I don't wish them ill, just clearer thinking. Which might be the impossible dteam.

Happy day everyone, play on! Enjoy what you can, you're worth it!


ellen abbott said...

Your sage is definitely liking the hot weather. Glad to hear all is well with your eye and that the pitting was worth it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Lovely textile work by young Allie. Good luck with your second eye surgery tomorrow!

Ms. Moon said...

What a busy day! Glad you got a nap. I definitely would have needed one.
Ellen's right- that sage loves the heat.
I can only imagine that the right wing Trump supporters are having all sorts of stress-related things going on. Lord only knows how all the stress of the past six years have affected us. I know that I feel some relief since Biden got elected but the orange one is still around and still affecting us all with his past actions AND the persistent threat of what his future plans may be.
Anyway, sorry. That's rather depressing. I would much rather think about your volunteer tomatoes, your basils, your good eye reports, your cherry chocolate cake.

Sandra said...

I kinda wish them ill. Very good news about your eye. My herbs are really happy, too. I finished a book yesterday you recommended. A Month in the Country. I liked it. I've also been reading an author you recommended, Sarah Winman. I have When God was a Rabbit on hold at the library.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Clearer thinking...the way some folks are, that's an oxymoron.

Prayers all goes well with eye surgery
Cordage, day lily leaves are more numerous than my iris leaves. I forgot I dug up, and gave most of them away.

Boud said...

Sarah Winman? I don't think I know her, but I'll check into her now.

Boud said...

I checked, not available other than regular font print books, so I can't read her. Oh well.

Liz Hinds said...

Praying for a successful procedure for you tomorrow.
And hoping that some chickens will come home to roost here in the UK as well.

pam nash said...

Herbs are looking good!

e said...

Best of luck with the surgery!

Joanne Noragon said...

Herbs looking good. Best of luck with the surgery.

Tigger said...

Very best wishes go with you to the eye surgery place -hopefully not sick this time. Your photos of string and wool (you call that roving?) are beautiful (well you are an artist). Did you dye the wool yourself? xxx Mr T and F

Boud said...

The roving is the fluff you spin into yarn. It's a variegated bunch, some sheep's wool, some alpaca, some silk. It's commercially dyed. I got it as ends, cheap way to buy good roving, from Goats Magosh. Nice people.

Marie Smith said...

I am thinking of you today, Boud. Sending a hug for best results!

Steve Reed said...

Things are looking somewhat optimistic out there, aren't they? Good luck with the second eye (today, right?) and congrats on your tomatoes and sage!

Mike O'Brien said...

Hoping for a great report and happier stomach post-surgery today. Thinking of you!

Chris from Boise

Magpie's Mumblings said...

So wonderful to see a young person featured in Textiles and Tea and does my heart good to see that she's interested in textiles. Good stuff!
So happy that the first eye check up went well and I know (by now because I'm late in commenting) that good things happened for the second one. Yay for you!! All that angst over the prep work was worth it in the end.