Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Atomic Shrimp

I've been having a good time distracting myself from current life stuff by discovering Atomic Shrimp's YouTube channel.

He's a man with many interests, and great curiosity. I love his approach, all about how will this work? Let's find out. He's open to additional information and advice from commenters, too.

He's seriously good at the various adventures he undertakes, from foraging for wild food

And teaching people how to do it safely

To mudlarking, he lives in the south of England where there's local tidal waters

To creating things like an Audubon style bird call from scratch, where he gives a blow by blow of the molding method he used to create the decorative pewter bird and how he carved and drilled the wood base.

First creating his own wax carving tools

And creating this bird, using the wax casing, this cracked me up, from a couple of baby cheeses, after eating the cheese!

Then the molding process where he retrieved the molded bird  for another use.
He used a silicone compound to pour into the mold.

And he cooks interestingly, very inventive and experimental in his methods

He does shared cooking projects with an African friend

He tests milk heat by how long his finger can stay! As in one two three ouch.

Then he goes to just study nature and enjoy things like this enormous fig tree in a botanical garden on the isle of Wight, probably the most mild climate in the UK.

This  channel is where I found out about pineapple weed, among a lot of other plant information.

He's just an enjoyable, friendly, low key person, just right for me today, when my neighbor texted me to say my car window was open. 

Unknown to me, been like that I think since Thursday. Major rainstorm. 

This has happened a couple of times, a rear window has opened that I didn't know about.  I guess some towel work will be needed, sigh. Once it stops snowing.

And a couple of other things, too boring to go into. Oh well.

I'm baking a tea loaf today, with any luck, and maybe handsome Son will visit. 

Meanwhile I'm warming up my laptop to get tax forms downloaded and printed and it's not having it. Everything needs to be updated, it's been a while. The good news is that it did fire up. As did the printer. 

So there's that. I'll let you know about the tealoaf.


Steve Reed said...

Looks like an interesting channel from a true Renaissance man! I've never heard of anyone making a wax sculpture from a cheese casing -- but why not? Sorry about your car. Ugh!

Wilma said...

Look highly varied and entertaining - I particularly like the source of the wax!

Good luck with your car.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Now there's a guy who must NEVER be bored!

Boud said...

Steve, I think you'd like him. He loves long interesting walks with his dog Eva, except his are rural. His wife is the happy, sometimes sceptical, taster of the food experiments.

I thought everyone would like the wax source. Work with what you have!

Debra I think the people around him will never be bored either.
Thank you for the car condolences. This too shall dry out!

Marie Smith said...

I smiled at the mention of tea loaf. Mom always made them when we were young. Hmmm…that’s a nice idea, yummy too.

Ms. Moon said...

You find the most interesting people! Sounds like a very wide-ranging fellow! I think of all of the little cheeses' wax I just threw away and feel very sad. Well, the kids did like to play with it. It made lovely fake fingernails.
The first time I ever heard about the finger-in-liquid method of testing temperature was, believe it or not, in a cookbook written by R. Crumb and his wife. They recommended that the water you use in bread be warm but not so warm that if you stuck your finger in it it was painful. I still use that method.
Your poor car. These things do happen.

Boud said...

I was thinking about the lovely wax I'd let go, too!

ellen abbott said...

Sounds like a very interesting channel and person. Ooo, cheese wax. I'll have to start collecting that.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Thank you for the tip, a new and interesting website can do wonders for a person's spirit. He sounds quite entertaining.

Boud said...

I'm glad you liked the wax tip, Ellen. Fun to see how much detail it can handle.
SP I think you'd like his ingenuity. Being an ingenious person yourself.

Joanne Noragon said...

Tax time again. My accountant sounds overwhelmed this year.

Boud said...

I did get the forms downloaded, not the feds till end of Jan, but the ones relating to investments. Printing so pale almost invisible. Sigh. Need new cartridge.

Liz Hinds said...

What a great use for the cheese wax.

Boud said...

I thought it was ingenious and hilarious at the same time!

Becki said...

I read this earlier and forgot to leave a comment. I can't help but laugh while admiring the creative use of cheese wax. Artists continually amaze me.