Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Postscript to the yogurt and roasted vegetables caper

Thought you'd like to see that the yogurt was great!  very pleased with the texture and tart taste.  Since I had the rest of the roast spicy vegetables today with mashed potato, and found that the spiciness had developed overnight to the state of four alarm, good thing about the potato, it called for a nice cooling dessert.

So a dish of homemade yogurt with pure honey and a big helping of crushed walnuts found itself on the menu. I put a spoon in so you can sort of experience the texture of the yogurt.  I'll probably be able to get another batch from the end of this batch, but after that may have to buy a bit of yogurt as a starter.  It gets weaker after a time or two, and you need a new boost of the active cultures.

Meanwhile, back at the development, never a dull moment as usual.  I caught a friend just as she left for the hospital for major surgery, and established that she has rides set up, and is going to stay with another friend when they spring her.  Also let her neighbor, another mutual friend, know, so she can check on her.  No privacy for C. at the moment! she was trying to sneak away, keep the drama down, but that didn't quite work out.

Then the pet crates came home again, having successfully got their occupants safely to the airport and to an overnight stay and back home again. Neighbor plans to crate train one of the dogs who whined the whole time, to see if he can get her used to it, since she has a long car journey in her near future.

But this was mid morning, and today started early for me. Woke about 4, couldn't continue sleeping, dang, so figured what the heck, the cats insist this is a great breakfast time, may as well get up and feed them and have some coffee.  

About 5, doorbell went, and it was a neighbor from across the street, very apologetic but as she said, I was up anyway (!) and her freezer had broken down overnight and could I house three bags of food for her.  

I explained I couldn't even house most of my own farmshare, sorry, and she trotted away up the street to another wakeful friend to see if she could get her food installed in her freezer.

Shortly after that, it seemed, the landscapers arrived with industrial strength tree cutting and chipping endless racket.

Home, quiet home..and farmshare this afternoon.

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  1. Eventful day! Good thing that you were up when the tree cutters arrived - otherwise you would have shot out of bed in a hurry!


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