Friday, September 12, 2014

Bite Club! new at the libe

I just found out about this cookbook book club, say that fast, at the libe where I go to my regular bookclub.  That's been a nice experience, so why not combine another monthly bookclub with interesting cooking experiments, I thought.

Next week is the first meeting, so I'm studying my Alice Waters. The idea is that each month there's a selection of authors to pick from, try out a recipe, then compare notes and experience at the book club meeting.  This might help me with the farmshare, too.

However, you'll note that I set up a couple of Poptarts to sustain me while I study Alice.  She probably wouldn't approve, so I won't tell her.


  1. Well, I think that Pop Tarts are definitely befitting of the title of the book. 'The Art of Simple Food' - what could be more simple than Pop Tarts?

  2. Great idea for a book club! Action component! Also, eating component ;)


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