Saturday, September 27, 2014

Onion rings and barleycakes

After a wonderful day of sun, walking, and much food, at the Italian American Festival with Handsome Son, which I chronicle elsewhere on this blog, I got home ready for a little something, but not a big something.

So I took onion rings from the freezer, thawed them a bit, dusted them with homemade barley flour, egged and pankoed them, and  was ready to bake them at 390F on a baking sheet, when I thought, hm, leftover flour and egg and panko again.

I hate to waste and I didn't want nameless little dishes in the fridge waiting to be used on something or other, so I added a drop of water, and shaped the leftover egg, barley and panko between two spoons into little cakes, which I baked along with the onion rings for 15 minutes.  They all came out very crunchy and pretty good, ketchup a nice addition.  And a glass of chablis.

So this was supper.

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  1. This post makes me hanker for some crumbed fritters. Wish i had some left over lamb in the fridge. Maybe next time ill freeze a little for when the urge hits again. I've never made onion rings but do enjoy them. Will try.


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