Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Spice Girl arrived!

My spice bush aka Viburnum carlesii arrived from White Flower Farm, yay, great excitement and on a nice cool day but no rain, good for me to plant. I know plants love to be planted on a rainy day, but some humans aren't quite so on board with digging in the rain.

So she's now in place in the corner of the fence where the neighborhood will get the benefit of lovely scents next year, and she'll give me a bit of shade in the area where I'll be putting out houseplants next year, too.

I thought you'd like to see what a nice job WFF does with their shipping.  She arrived in a plastic container, totally secure with paper and tape, never shifted, not a crumb of earth got loose, not a twig broken.

 So she's all set to get organized over the winter for me.  What with the purple sage on one corner sending out sage scent all summer into fall, and the spice bush with pink and white blossoms, sweet lovely scent late spring and into summer, and the common lilac spreading all over next door in spring, that area will be quite well supplied with aromatherapy.  We have other spicebush specimens in the neighborhood but this saves a walk to sniff them.


  1. That's really interesting to see how plants are packaged for transport. I've wondered how they mail order plants so that arrive all in one piece. Scented plants are such a lovely thing to have in the garden.

  2. That IS really helpful to know! White Flower Farm is one of the mailorder nurseries I've been visiting in my search for perennials for the Challenging Border. Everything is a bit pricey everywhere, especially since no one place seems to have the three things I'd like to buy. And while I've been dithering (and working to turn a pile of stone into a plantable substrate) some of the plants I had chosen are no longer available anywhere! On the other hand, friends are offering thinnings from their own perennial gardens, which makes me very happy. I just need to adjust my color plan. (Done!)

  3. Must admit I've never heard of a spice bush - look forward to seeing pictures next year.


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