Tuesday, September 23, 2014

He followed me home, I have to keep him, and philosophical musings on winter pansies

While my cleaners are at work I always make myself scarce, and use the time to do a few things I don't tend to get to on other days. So a trip to a  distant grocery for various items such as whole black peppercorns, pure honey, steelcut oats and so on, that I can't get more locally, then a detour via Mazur's, the lovely, family run, four generations, nursery where I get my plants when I have space and budget.  This is not the farm, also a four generation situation, where I'll be getting my farmshare this afternoon.

Today I came home from the nursery with white mums to put out front, annuals just sitting among the pachy, and they'll get more spectacular as they go. 

The cat followed me home, showed up on my step the other day, so I have to keep him, and he's earning his keep supporting the sedum.

And blue and white pansies to sit on the fence out back, along with the other plantings.  They're not planted yet, just looking around at their new digs.   

It's taken me years to get around to getting winter pansies, because of an enormous moral objection to making spring plants work like winter ones.  It's going against nature, I tell you!  and every year I've looked at them and thought, no, it's better to stay with the seasons.  

Then this year I finally thought, well, I don't want to assume too many more springs in my life, so why don't I just get them now and enjoy them.  So I will.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Now that's the best sort of cat to follow you home. Doesn't shed, doesn't need feeding and watering and litter box cleaning. Yep...the best!

Quinn said...

Every year I think of buying mums, and I don't. This year, I bought two pots of mums with a philosophy like yours: enjoy, now. And as soon as I was home and set the pots outside, I wished I had bought a few more! But I've worked hard to get a space prepped for some daylilies which I hope to be collecting tomorrow, when a friend is dividing hers. Plants with a pleasant association attached...what could be better? ENJOY!

Minimiss said...

What a beautiful Kitty. Lovely eyes he has too.

I hope you have many, many more springs in your future so that I may enjoy many, many more of your musings and maybe even meet you one day.