Monday, September 8, 2014

DIY, aka sometimes postponing works

So I found this morning that sometimes it pays not to know what to do right away.  When I do know, it's a matter of warp speed action. But when I don't, it pays not to.

So yesterday I finally thought why not just try this?  I had wondered for years if I could grind old fashioned oats in my coffee grinder and get oat flour.  Reasoning that it's like a small mill grinding grain for flour, so why not.  And I finally did it.  And it does make flour.  Why didn't I do this before.  Now I can have oat flour easily.

So I used it in a Martha recipe for apple oatmeal crumble, which actually, get this, wanted oat flour! perfect timing.  This is a mag from the lot I got via freecycle recently.  Not a fan of eating apples raw, but Granny Smiths in cooked form are good.  And this recipe didn't ask for a lot of sugar, and none of that ghastly syrupy stuff a lot of recipes think you should use.  So here's the result, and very nice it is.

It's breakfast food, I claim, since it's oatmeal and apples...and the dish is a freecycle.

Then among the suggestions for upcycling my cabinet doors, the one for a plant stand, using casters, reminded me with a clang that somewhere for years and years I've had a set of self stick casters waiting for a job to do.

Work of a moment to remove the old hinges and handle, stick on the casters (touchingly caring instructions remind you they're unidirectional, and to put them all on facing the same direction!) and here's the result. 

 Looks a bit like a big roller skate, or a low tech Mars vehicle, but it works a treat! see it in action here

and here.  The big ficus tree can now be rolled about easily, yay.

Thanks so much for the idea, Irene.  And I still have another door for a tray or a frame or something.


  1. That crumble looks scrumptious. We eat crumbles quite a bit over here. Nice over rhubarb too.

    Great idea for the cupboard door. Well done Irene.

  2. Oh Good. I feel so proud.

    Actually the other ideas were pretty good too


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