Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dieffenbachia, living on the edge, thrills and spills

Way too hot yesterday,  nineties and high humidity.  So I went out this a.m. on the patio to water the remaining outdoor houseplants, and found that the flowering dieffenbachia had been knocked flat.  Completely on her side, probably the work of a squirrel.  They're as bad as cats for leaping and leaving turmoil behind them.  Didn't have the heart to take a pic of her in distress, not knowing if she was broken or what.

Righted the poor thing, she's had a life of adventure, what with dumpster dumping, then major surgery, and this summer starting her family, flowers, that is.  

And found that the upcoming flower has bust out anyway.  And there's another flower in the offing, too.

I disturbed an insect on her when I righted her, which means the job of fertilizing is happening just as if her fall hadn't taken place. This plant is unsinkable.

And here's a clump of transplanted lambs' ears, from next door, result of working with neighbor on his strip out front, in front of the new small Russian sage, matching the big one out front. 

And there's a little bird bath, too, hiding some of the pachy roots I was too hot to tackle, but will do in the next cool day or two.

Some houseplants are now in place in their staging areas, taking their bow all day long, so I thought you might like to see how it's working out.  Here they are in the main bedroom.  

Two views, one long one so you can see the Boston fern in place, and the noren, you remember the mystery Japanese textile, covering the doorway behind there.  And the window treatment, posh expression, showing the thrift store hand embroidered valance, actually two table napkins, I believe.

My neighbor has already booked a spot in the staging for one of his plants until he can return it in the winter to another person, the owner's mother or something, it's always complicated with plants. So there will be a spathiphyllum joining this group.

Then there's the staging in the Nook, the other bedroom, and I found a half width plank to add to it.  

You see bottom right the snake plant transplants, rescued from squirrels, who dug them up more than once, and now putting down tiny hair roots, so I'm hopeful about them.

The unruly foil curtains are a wonderful thing, I got them from a catalog, which act like one of those blankets you carry in the car for terrible weather in case you get stuck.  They retain cool inside in summer, heat inside in winter.  And the difference is startling. When you put your hand behind them in boiling hot weather, there's a huge temp. difference from inside them.  Not pretty, but very fuel saving.

And there's the other Boston fern, presiding.  And a view into my walk in closet complete with all my clothes and my stitching stores.

And the ficus and dieffenbachia will join me in the living room when I get up the energy to move them.


  1. Lovely cool photos - like wandering down a leafy grotto!

  2. You've done well with your plants, a very green thumb as we can see. While you're sweltering in the heat we've had snow flurries here, and snow sticking on the ground just south of us and in the mountains. Our leaves are turning colour, too, bet you'll have summer for a good while yet, so enjoy! J in Cowtown

  3. Talk about strange weather patterns. Very few hot days over the summer and now we're into September it climbs. Your plants look very happy, despite the attacks of the killer squirrels.

  4. You must have green thumbs and maybe wrists and elbow, as well!

  5. Very healthy, happy looking plants. Those thermal curtains sound great even if they don't look so, unless you're a Star-Trekker, I suppose. I wonder about using them as a lining for something more aesthetically pleasing.


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