Monday, September 22, 2014

The pancake of apples, almond and oat flours, redux as a pudding

The sort of pancake thing I showed you the other day made its debut as a pudding today.  And I must say it worked very well.  

I baked it for one hour at 390F, and all the liquid was absorbed, the flavors developed and it made a great dessert.  Since there are only a couple of teaspoons sugar in the entire recipe, it can also be a nice winter breakfast, too.  I think the low sugar content is a reason the flavors come out well, too, not being drowned out in sweetness.And it had been in the fridge overnight, which probably helped the flavors develop.

So this is a keeper for me. Oatmeal, Almond Flours Pudding.  OAF pudding, well maybe we can come up with something a bit more appealing.  Add the Apple and we can get OAFA, which sounds like a soccer  (britspeak: football) association, but never mind, can't have everything.  I mean, I made you a recipe, what more do you want?  but if you can name it better, please do!

Meanwhile, it worked very well.  Just use a pancake recipe, usual eggs and leavenings and salt,  but instead of the regular flour, sub almond flour and oat flour, add in cubed eating apple, a big one, to the recipe, and go from there.  I think this might go over okay with hungry kids, too.   I can also see it making a killer cherry pudding, too, almonds and cherries being friends and all that.

And I have three more large helpings to go.


  1. Puddinglike! holds together moistly, not too liquid, apples still nice and firm. Not spongy.

  2. Add a generous dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream - sublime!

  3. Yum. All these scrumptious looking cooking ideas and here's me trying to lose a few pounds.


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