Thursday, September 18, 2014

More experiments, now that I've rediscovered my coffee mill

I've been grinding up a storm, got all carried away. Years ago I used my coffee grinder to reduce cinnamon sticks, worked fine, and then forgot about it.  But in the recent kitchen overhaul, my tools are coming into use again, because I can see them and I remember to use them.

So since fullsize grain mills are just big grinders, and they make flour just fine, why not use the little coffee mill to make small samples of all sorts of flour.

To date: oat meal into oat flour, green split peas into flour, pearl barley into flour, dried chickpeas into flour.

Next time I buy lentils I plan to make some lentil flour.

This way I have a repertoire of flours for breads and pancakes and thickening for soup and sauces.  And since I like noisy tools, the coffee grinder is just my cup of tea, if you follow me.

Do any blogistas have other ideas for stuff I can grind now I'm in the groove?

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  1. Flax seeds? Nuts? or would the oil in the nuts create a problem for the gizmo?
    I bought a tiny electric coffee grinder at a tag sale for a dollar. I don't drink coffee, but knew it would come in handy for something, someday. Seems that day is coming soon! Thanks :)


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