Friday, September 12, 2014

Staff of Life Before and After

Following on the Great Oat Flour Experiment, here's a loaf I baked using oat flour, whole wheat and all purpose, with sunflower seeds on top.  Before

and after


I wish I could transmit the smell of this bread to you!  As you see, I scored it and it will be easy to cut into four loaves once it's cool enough to approach.

I got a large carton of old fashioned oats, and ground it to flour, so I now have a big supply of oat flour for things like bread and pancakes and whatever else it works with.  In the fridge along with the whole wheat, the white whole wheat and the all purpose. And the vital or essential wheat gluten or whatever they call it.  Ed note:  Dragged myself out to the fridge to check, it's vital wheat gluten.


  1. Aw geez - now I'm hungry!!!!!!!!!! I want the computer gurus to hurry up and provide us with smell-o-vision....

  2. I thought I smelled both...the lovely sticky dough and the incredibly beautiful loaf! Wow. If this keeps up, I will have to bake something less like a cake and more like a bread. Maybe a compromise: scones.

  3. A very nice looking loaf. Can almost smell it here.


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