Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Supper from the Farm, blissful

Today was farmshare day, and after the usual mad blur of washing and brushing and scraping and chopping and slicing and steaming and freezing, and sorting, my reward was a wonderful fresh dinner.

 Quarter of a totally ripe cantaloupe, doused with ginger powder and a scoop of plain yogurt over with a bit of honey, good stuff, trailed over.  After a dish of tomatoes, diced, salted with kosher salt, peppered with freshground black pepper, left to mellow for an hour.

Then a nice glass of red wine, Yellowtail Shiraz.  Afterwards a cup of strong coffee.  I find that caffeine in the evening doesn't bother me at all, in fact I sleep better, so I don't need to deprive myself.

Perfect early Fall meal, cool day with bright sun.


  1. Lovely. Lots of food posts from you, all interesting. The farm share idea is great. Unfortunately
    local farmers don't seem to have share type stuff, aside from corn, corn, corn. I think its grown for animal feed, humans couldn't possibly consume the quantities.

  2. I love a bowl of fancy fruit - looks yummy! Wish I could say the same about coffee. One cup and I'll be up all night like a hyperactive meerkat!

  3. Giggling over the 'hyperactive meerkat' comment! Your supper looks pretty tasty. I love tomato season.


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