Sunday, September 28, 2014

Last minute Sunday lunch

Not inclined to rummage through the freezer and do a "real" recipe, so I made egg and chips and ketchup!  Very sophisticated version, but nonetheless..and it's one of those meals that don't look like one of those food designers organized it, much more tasty than it looks in this picture.  It's Food Adequate.

Took a baking potato, nuked it on high for three minutes, then sliced into big french fries, roasted with spritz of olive oil, kosher salt, fresh-ground black pepper, big pinch of curry powder, because I'm out of turmeric until I remember to buy some.  Roasted that for about half an hour at 390F.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, beat up an egg, drop of milk, big spoonful of green split pea flour, homemade, you remember the flour caper a few days ago, big chunk of home pesto, the one item that did come out of the freezer, black pepper, not much salt because I also put chunks of sharp cheddar which is salty enough.

This made a really nice cross between a pancake and an omelet, and had all kinds of different flavors happening in each bite.  Not too bad for a mad dash meal when I wasn't in the mood.

I did stop briefly in the middle to help a neighbor figure out his dog problem, how to get two dogs to Kennedy airport to see off his girlfriend, when his one big crate wouldn't fit in the smaller, gas-saving, car, thought he might have to leave them home and ask neighbors to take care of them.  Result of the discussion: my two pet taxi carriers are on their way to Kennedy with his pups. He hates to be separated from Bennie and Appie, and it's mutual, so everyone's happy.

Then back to the stove, and a nice lunch followed.


  1. What an ingenious dinner- bet it tasted lovely : )

  2. Ah yes, that takes me back. The split pea flour replacing mushy peas?


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