Saturday, September 6, 2014

Six Word Saturday: My Darker Self Often Chimes In

Eagle eyed blogistas will have noted a new button appearing on this blog.  Six Word Saturday.  This is a cool notion, which I found via Mittens' blog, and which I thought would be a fun way to punctuate the week in blogging.

At least that was the idea.  The night after I figured it out and finally got it to appear on my splash page, I woke up about eight times with great six word concepts to use.  Forgot all of them as I fell asleep again.  Not a restful idea, since it seemed to punctuate the night instead of the week.  

But I love the concept, all the same and will attempt to have fun with it, as Mittens advised.  "You came here to have fun, now get on with it, and have fun."  Actually she's a lot nicer than that would suggest.  And she never said that.  That was my darker self chiming in.

Maybe that's today's six words:  My Darker Self Often Chimes In. So true.  See, it's working already.  Darker Self gave me food for thought.


  1. bravo, bravo, Liz. Your first 6WS and I am so pleased you finally caved in. Er. came over to the dark side. Er. Joined us.

    one good way to do this is to write the blog and find the six words that suit it. sort of like going hunting for the horse after you've loaded up the wagon.


  2. Thank you! as you see my Ready! Fire! Aim! approach worked yet again for me..

  3. Oh dear, now you've done it.(6w)
    My brain now counts in sixes!(6w)

    Guilty of stating the obvious eh?(6w)!

  4. Paper and pen beside bed, smart? (six words!)

  5. That would involve putting on the light, finding my glasses and writing, thereby throwing away my only chance at getting more sleep that you get older this stuff makes a difference! I now manage enough sleep by banning all lights, techno items, etc. and being careful not to wake up fully enough to be lucid.

  6. Love it!! May have to think about joining (6w).

    I agree about sleep. I try also not to look at the time on the clock if possible.


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