Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sweet potato and apple soup day

Today I had sweet potatoes to deal with in my farmshare, as well as a ton of other stuff.  Gave away two ears of corn, having enough corn in the freezer to see me through indefinitely, but I steamed and peeled and chunked the sweet potatoes last evening, and today used one of the giant apples in the farmshare for soup.

The apple was an eater, so it was fairly sweet, so, to offset the sweetness, I used a cup or so of yogurt whey from the freezer (from when I made yogurt cheese) and the tang is wonderful.  

Usual base of mucho olive oil,  garlic, onions, turmeric, fresh ground black pepper, kosher salt.  I like to cook all the spices in the oil along with the onion and garlic, to let the flavor out.  I learned this from an Indian cook, good way to deal with curry powder, too.

Then the apple in chunks, and the sweet potato, about three medium ones, and the liquid was asparagus water and other vegetable water from the freezer as well as the yogurt whey.  

I save the water I use to steam vegetables, for this purpose.  This time I avoided veggie water such as potato water or dark green veggie water,  that might discolor the nice golden effect of this soup, but in other soups, I wouldn't be concerned about color.

Let this all cook gently for about half an hour while I nipped across the street to confer about the proposed bathtub work with friend and neighbor who is not only a great contractor, and a good artist, but is a brilliant cook, too.  He makes his own ice cream.  And last fall when I was very sick, he ran over with wonderful homemade soup to restore my energy. 

So today we swapped recipes as well as catching up on the local news, too, and getting into preliminary chat about the bathtub.

Home again I blended the soup, and it came out very nicely. Here's the helping for lunch, awaiting croutons, just sizzling in the pan.

and here's the bowl complete with wholewheat/oat croutons, wish you could hear the sizzle as the croutons land! but you can also put a nice swirl of plain yogurt and I might do that with a future serving.

A seedless watermelon in the share, too, so dessert was a big bowl of watermelon chunks, no need to add anything to improve it. And it was eaten before I thought to make a pic, sorry.


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  1. Sweet potatoes, or kumera as they are known over here, go very well with apples. DH made a lovely mash to go with roast pork belly a few weeks ago. It was a real hit with the visitors.


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