Saturday, October 4, 2014

Rainy day. Saves my watering plants 6WS

You know how annoying it is to be around someone who insists on seeing the silver lining, especially of the troubles you're dealing with?  it occurred to me that when I said yesterday to someone sadly saying it was going to be a wet weekend, oh good, I shan't have to water the flowers, then, I probably was guilty of the same thing.

But to the lazy gardener, a bit of rain is a good thing. As is a lifetime membership in the grammar police which enables me to make a citizen's arrest of anyone who says "saves ME watering plants" when watering is a verbal noun, a gerund, which takes the possessive pronoun.  Yeah, I know. easier if you studied Latin, because in that language it's practically impossible to get it wrong. 

And don't get me on to "it is for Sam and I" when you would never say "it is for I"  very easy rule to figure out and follow.  Sam doesn't change the pronoun, giving him too much power there. Sigh, but most annoying is the misplaced and misused signs, as in the little sticky labels at the library on all the mag. covers.  They enjoin the reader not to "mark" or "write" on the magazine.  Evidently whoever wrote them is unaware that they are saying very nearly the opposite of what they meant.  That sign doesn't add emphasis, it adds a level of fantasy and deception!  since I don't have white out liquid with me at the libe, I just scrape at the label with a neurotic fingernail to remove the "s.  Thereby showing I'm pretty anxious about this stuff!  but in my own defense I do expect the library, more than most places, to have literate labels.

This six word Saturday motif is definitely releasing my inner demons.


  1. careful, Liz, it has that effect...i have a whole rant dedicated to just that " thing. It always seems that people like that are giving you the nudge and the wink, like, "well, it ain't REALLY free, we just likes to say that..."

  2. Reminded me of Lynne Truss author of "Eats, Shoots & Leaves". Gave me a phobia about punctuation.

  3. I have quite a few rainy days myself lately, complete with thunder and lightning. It does leave one feeling quite moody.

    That was quite the rant!


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