Friday, October 24, 2014

Diwali, the Hindu Feast of Lights is here aka camera kaput, words must step in

It seems that suddenly my old camera is not on speaking terms with Windows since the upgrade the other day. Why it waited till yesterday to have the fight is not clear, but anyway, I think it's been left behind by the march of upgrades.  I was on borrowed time for a few months, having downloaded against all advice from the mfr who wanted me to buy a new camera, a sort of upgrade, which wasn't supposed to work higher than Windows 7, and I have 8, so I guess I can't complain.

But I plan to anyway, can't talk without me pix!

So here's the text, and if I can get the pix I took out of a different camera, I will catch you up with them.  This is the modular approach to blogwriting.

My neighborhood has a lot of Indian families -- great place to get old, because they're so caring and friendly to older women, wonderful friends -- so the feast of lights, Diwali, which also celebrates Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, brings on all kinds of partying and food and decorated houses and art.

I texted good wishes to a few Indian friends today -- they're not all Hindu, but they tell me that doesn't stop anyone from celebrating a fun time -- and one of them stopped by with a warm plate of Diwali homemade snacks! 

Her house has a lot of strings of red lights, husband loves red, I know, and I bet he picked them, since he has to hang them. I have no idea what I'm eating, except that it's very very good.  The little square ones are sweet, I think, probably nuts and milk base, and the triangle crackers are hot and spicy probably cumin, who knows.  

Down the street  two little girls were out today making their sand art stencils for the festival, and I admired their work, but didn't take pix, because I worry about pix of kids showing up.  So I snook down this evening and took pix of their artworks, and the lights around their house.

At the other end of the block is neighbor Lakshmi, whose festival it probably is, and who decorates her house extravagantly with flowers in season and now with lights.

Great fun, even if you're not Indian.  Looking down my little street, I can count ten houses all decked out in lights for the festival.  As one friend says, I put them up for Diwali, then leave them for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, why not!


  1. Sounds like you live in a wonderful community - we'd all like to be on the receiving end of tasty goodies like that.

  2. It sounds magnificent. Thanks for sharing it with your words, it sounds very lovely.

  3. Another Indian friend came over this evening with a box of treats for me, in a box with the god Ganesh medallion on the lid. Very apologetic that she hadn't come last night, but she was partying for Dewali, and came to get my blessing tonight -- touched my foot and asked for a blessing. I usually hug her in response. Then we talked at top speed for about an hour! I took a pic of the treats before I dived in. Another pic for the archive which may possibly make it into here. My new camera's ordered.


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