Friday, October 3, 2014

The Dollivers Do Their Civic Bit

The Dollivers have been getting very restless with all the activity in the kitchen, pointing out bitterly that they have been Ignored and Disrespected, and that while Boud has been fooling about wasting time on food, they have been Doing the Responsible Thing.

Which evidently consists of studying the mail in ballot which just arrived, well ahead of time for the November state election for the people we get to ship to Washington, to the national Senate and House, and various other positions, nearer home,  Lamplighter, Dogcatcher and so on.   

Refused access to the actual ballot on the grounds that it's a secret ballot, they pounced on the Public Questions and Blondie Firstborn noticed that one of them had to do with Arts Funding increases in the state.

They pointed out that Boud had better be in favor of that since they themselves are Artworks, and there might be outfits in it for them if the state loosens up some money around here.  

Hate to disillusion them, since it's important to encourage civic involvement, so here they are taking part in a rally to get out the vote, and especially to get out funding for Dollivers, since they need new stuff.  They have heard about fascinators lately, those little hat things with the feathers and veiling and really fancy them.

And we all encourage everyone with a vote, whenever the occasion arises where you live,  to use it thoughtfully, whether or not it brings new outfits for Dollivers, they didn't hear me say that bit.


  1. Oddly enough, we received our election cards today too - ours is a municipal election coming up the end of this month. You'd better hope the D's don't get access to any sort of printer or they will be printing up their own ballots and sending them out. Who knows what sorts of things they might get voted in!

  2. a new wrinkle here, we now get 'supper time" phone calls and a normal sounding voice asks for one of us, by first name. (!) the assumption is, they know us, and we will at least not hang up explosively in their ear. The minute you answer they ask for answers to a few 'short poll questions". click.


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