Sunday, October 26, 2014

Glorious catchup!

Okay, since you all bore with my whining about the camera situation the other day, I thought you'd like an update.  A victorious update.  Handsome Son suggested that another possibility was that with the constant plugging and unplugging into my computer, and this camera has had a lot of that, I might have worn out the USB port.  That's the plugger in, for them as doesn't do this stuff.

Whining to my next door neighbor, he said, he being more of a hardware guy, Mike being a software guy, that if that were the case, I could just use a cardreaders in my computer USB slot and access the pix that way!  

I nipped out and bought one, a lot cheaper than the new camera, which I have now cancelled, and plugged it in simplicity itself, screen asked me if I wanted to transfer pix from the card to the software I use, clicked on yep, and it worked a treat.  This is great.

So now you have Had It. I am doing catchup!

Okay, here are the Diwali items you heard about but didn't see, starting and ending with food:

Lord Ganesha features on the box of treats another friend brought over, which also included, true ecumenism here, Greek baklava!

Then Dreads Dolliver and her shy friend made apple jam

As you see in stages, ending with a nice supper of homebaked bread, apple jam and yogurt cheese with a glass of Chablis, not homemade.

All caught up, I'm so thrilled that I'm back in action with minimum fuss and bother, too.


  1. Huzzah!!! Don't you love a simple and inexpensive fix?

  2. Too true! did you hear my scream of joy when it worked right away? and now I have to remember to put the Card Back In The Camera...every time..

  3. Yay - so glad you're up and picturing again!! Altho the step you mention about putting the card back in the camera every time would lead to my downfall I know...

  4. Good solution. I wonder why other people (generally of the male persuasion) seem to know these things.

  5. In this case not too surprising. The son with the diagnosis does this all the time, but usually with software glitches sorting them for clients,and the friend with the prescription for the diagnosis does that all the time as IT troubleshooter and best practices director for a big financial firm.

    I hadn't mentioned it to him earlier because Mike's diagnoses usually lead right to the solution, but the friend next door, well, his solutions are usually so complex and expensive and full of entirely new realms of trouble for shooting, that I tend to not do that.

    That's why my dying friend's family were in here doing computer stuff rather than at his house where the spaghetti junction of arrangements and wires and cables and boxes beggars description. I like simple elegant solutions and this time he gave me one!

  6. I am so happy that you have your pictures back and we were able to play catch up. Love all of these pics especially the street art. Yay!


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