Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rainy cold weather, cold coming on, equals soup

I'd rather be stitching, but lunch was getting near, rainy and cold out there, I'm sneezing and maybe gettig a code, so I stopped stitching to turn to soup and bread making.

I made the hot biscuits originally from the Silver Palate book, but changed up so often that they would probably disown them at this point.  Instead of two cups ap flour, I used one cup ap, half cup oat flour, half cup lentil flour, tablespoonful sunflower seeds, and went with that.  It came out interesting, distinct flavor, not just background for soup, but okay for future reference.


Soup is sweet potato and eating apples, about three of each, I think. With the usual pepper, salt, much turmeric, sprig of curry leaves in, asparagus water for some of the liquid -- these ingredients also make quite a bit of liquid on their own.  Removed curry leaves then blended in the regular blender.

Tasted, once back in the original pot, hm, too sweet, too thick, added a half cup of plain yogurt, homemade, tasted, hm, still a bit thick, added in half a cup of skim milk,  hm, needs more tang still, blurt of lemon juice, better, but bit of edge needed, teaspoon of kosher salt. Ah, that's better.  Now it's soup.  Probably one that nobody but me would actually like, but well, unless you're planning to come over, not to worry about that.

Title: sweet potato apple soup avec lentil/oat hot biscuits.


  1. With veggie soup. I add 1/4 cup peanut butter (home ground peanuts). It adds a nice subtle flavour as well as being nourishing.
    Your apple etc. soup sounds good for a cold....hope it works.

  2. With all that tasting going on I wouldn't have room to actually sit down and eat it properly! Fingers crossed your code doesn't develop.

  3. I would give it a go if I came over. It sounds very interesting, I have never though to combine the two of those ingredients, apples and sweet potatoes hmmm.. I may have to give it a try.

    I hope that you feel better soon and that your Sunday is a lot less cold and a lot more sunny.


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