Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy as a Clam Fritter

Or croquette, as the posh folks put it.  Last evening wondering what to have for supper, wandering about hopelessly, wanted a change from veggies, I found a can of baby clams waiting for just such an evening.  

Drained them (the juice now in the freezer ready to add the next time I make clam chowder) and since they were already small, didn't mince them further, just mixed with an egg, a big spoonful of homeground lentil flour, little bit of garlic, little dab of mixed mustard, sauted in olive oil.  Done.  Bit of ketchup, and those little yellow shreds are lemon zest, from my little collection in the freezer.  Little glass of white wine, seafood you know.  As if I had choices of wine in the house, heh.  

My food designer seems to have put this in upside down, but she claims that's what a visitor would see, as opposed to the diner. Well, considering I don't pay her anyway, I can't threaten to stop her check.

And another lot for this evening, perhaps with the addition of my Indian spicy crumb things.

I'll be interested in a nonveggie supper again, after an afternoon of farmshare chopping and dicing.  Only one more week of the farmshare, and my freezer is about ready to stop.  Me too.


  1. Okay, it's not yet seven ay em and I'm craving clam fritters! Where will I find such a thing at this hour? and more importantly, will Dave think I'm nuts if I make them for breakfast... xo Mare

  2. I love the sound of those fritters, though I have never had clams myself. The recipe just sound really cheerful. :)


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