Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday breakfast

Remember that cornmeal and sugar topping that was surplus to requirements in the Moosewood cookie caper? it found a home in these pancakes.  

Along with more cornmeal and a cup of almond flour, which I'd made in my coffee grinder, leaving quite a few crunchy bits, and the usual other ingredients.  This made a lovely light pancake, well, quite a few, enough for several breakfasts or desserts later.  

Trail of good honey, real honey, from actual bees, not that supermarket impostor which can be labeled honey and still contain corn syrup, gah.  Amazing that they are allowed legally to say honey as long as they don't say pure or one hundred per cent.  The sugar lobby's clout, I suppose.  However we can read labels and buy only the very good stuff with the flavor.

And, amid the frenzy of freecycling fabulous cookbooks, expensive, unread, to various happy people, I thought you'd like to see my own favorite.  

Well, you could have guessed from its condition that it's well used.  Food stuff on most pages, notes everywhere. Spine fell off years ago and is now a bookmark. Pancake recipe from there, and various other simple and good stuff, too.  What you might call unpretentious.


  1. Any how-to title that includes BOTH "easy" and "basic" sounds like a winner to me!

  2. A well-loved cookbooks denotes years of good eating. I love you always find new ways to use up your leftover ingredients.

  3. We have a cookbook in the same condition - the good ol' 'red cookbook' from Betty Crocker. I learned to cook from that book and it's still the go-to for anything we want to know.


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