Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Frittering away time in the kitchen again

I ground a pound of barley into flour and now I have another type to choose from. Barley has a great flavor, sort of nutty and deep, not at all a neutral flour.  

Here you can see the oil shimmering in the pan, a tip from Jack Bishop to tell when it's really hot enough but not ready for the smoke alarm

 And here's the first side, cooked less than a minute, corn works fast

I used it to make corn fritters, still working out of the freezer, and the pressure's on.  The batter for the corn fritters worked for two days, and I found it was just as good the second day. Barley holds up well.  You don't need much in this recipe, so I have plenty more for other dishes.

I have a personal goal each year to finish up all last year's farmshare before this year's gets under way. This means my meals continue to be amazingly healthy and veggieful. Lunch was a bowl of pumpkin/cabbage soup, followed by corn barley fritters.  And there was a bit of chocolate after that.  

The fritters are simple, Craig Claiborne's, not half as fussy as the America's Test Kitchen ones I made a while back, and, in fact, just as good.   Egg, corn kernels, bit of flour, seasoning, then sauteed in the cast iron trusty pan.  They're supposed to be deep fried but that's something I never do, and find sauteing works just as well anyway.

Claiborne is supposed to be, or have been, this fancy dancy food person, feuding and posing and all the shenanigans that go with the High End Food World, but his recipes in fact are very doable and down to earth, made for actual people to cook, not test kitchen cooks.

Ever since Sue mentioned that the crazy quilting group of which two of my commenters in here are members, anyway, them, talk about my blogs, I've been sort of stunned, to think I'm providing them with raw material. You just never know.  And here I was thinking I was talking to myself most of the time.  It's great to know I'm not!

Now I wonder if they'll make corn fritters, or just say, well, how about that..


  1. Well, we did talk about you today but mostly about the storm that wasn't. You're practically a member of the CQ group y'know.

  2. I second that dogonart!! Hope Boud's ears weren't ringing! Love your 'adventures in food' posts.
    aka Mrs Noofy

  3. You're definitely an honorary member (and yes we do admit to talking about you, but we were nice - honestly we were).

  4. Good to know that other people talk about you as well. I always speak about you quite fondly to my friends. :)


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