Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Elbow room in the kitchen

Today and tomorrow's lunch is this dish, created from precooked and frozen cabbage in cheese sauce, from the farm share and frozen in meal size containers, with a can of tomatoes, diced, poured over, the final Vienna sausage chopped in and chunks of sharp cheddar.  Fresh ground black pepper over, and it will do fine in a 180F oven for about half an hour or less.

But note the wide open spaces next to the stove now.  I did get the microwave moved over and here it is, looking much better, since, I finally realized, across the corner it echoes the corner cabinet shape, much better appearance.  And it uses a formerly useless corner space, too deep to reach into easily.

And it's safer and more functional to have that open space by the stove.   Observant blogistas will have noted that the open spaces have inspired me to pull out a cookbook from the newly installed bookcase, and since the weather is frigid,  bit too cold for me to get out and breathe, baking cookies from Martha Stewart might be just the ticket.


  1. It all looks very clean and efficient. Marigolds at the ready, I see.

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  3. Cookies? Did someone mention cookies? I'll be right there....

  4. Looking forward to a picture of those cookies!


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