Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Possible visitor, possible little snack with cup of tea

The art materials may be picked up today, and I asked the picker up if she had time for a cup of tea, maybe, and just in case, I made a cake last evening.  More civilized to offer a bit of hospitality in addition to a donation.

This is chocolate almond cake, invented by moi, using almond flour in place of most of the ap flour in the recipe. I had to put in a bit of ap flour because the batter was very thin.  And it worked out okay, moist, nice, a bit crunchy with the almonds. I tested it out of course. This is that universal chocolate cake recipe that is named crazy cake or some such name, see it all over.  It's quite adaptable.

I'm not a chocolate fan myself, but so many guests are that it's a good one to make and offer.


  1. Not a chocolate fan (grabbing chest and toppling off chair in a dead faint). Not a chocolate fan? How could that be? (Seriously - crazy cake is an old stand by in our house too).

  2. It's easy! now caramel, that's a different thing...the visitor came, scoffed the cake happily and felt cared for. My English breakfast tea might have been a bit strong for her, but she soldiered on through her cup...I thought since she'd been running all day, I know the nonprofit world, and had come a long way, then climbed many stairs up and down, then loaded her van, that the least I could do was make her sit for a few minutes.

    She acknowledged that yes, nobody else would make her stop and sit, and she was happy. She admired the Dollivers greatly, which was a big thrill for me. And them, I guess. But you never know with them..

  3. I experimented by adding some gluten-free flour to lighten up an already-gluten-free almond-meal "scone" recipe. Usually, the almond-meal "scones" are quite dense and heavy, nothing like a scone at all, but I'm growing rather fond of them. Sort of.
    My "improvement" resulted in something of bricklike consistency, but since I hate wasting food, I considered this a challenge. Breakfast: little chunks of brick heated in the microwave in cashew milk w a little butter,
    Not bad! :)

  4. The cake sounds lovely, very scrumptious. I am sure that the Dollivers were all to glad to be admired, though they probably expect some wardrobe changes if they are to be on display ;)


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