Monday, January 26, 2015

Keep Calm And Find The Batteries

So, since once again we are in the direct path of a big storm, this time snow, high winds, possible thunder, up to a couple of feet of snow, and so on, I figured I'd better just check to make sure I have a flashlight where I can find it. State of Emergency in the state since early afternoon, storm here already, to go on into the foreseeable future, well at least till tomorrow night.

We rarely have power outages, but there's always a chance.  So I remembered my Survival Kit, very dramatic, given to us during Andy's last days on earth, don't ask me why, the timing seemed very ironic, considering. But anyway I thought I remembered a nice big flashlight in there.

Opened the bag and there was a mask, waterproof matches, sign to put in window or car seeking help, a brick of five year shelf life food what can it be, bags of drinking water, aluminum blanket for warming person, little first aid kit, towelettes, battery operated radio with LED lights.  No flashlight.

Then I remembered I'd hung it in the coat closet so I wouldn't forget where I put it...well, to be fair, this was a few years ago, and stuff has happened since.  And there it was.  Dead as a doornail.  Nothing daunted, went into the battery drawer and found every size and shape of battery except, you are already onto this, the size it takes.  Right.

So I knew I had a flashlight upstairs, went and checked that and it works fine.

At this point the Dollivers got in on the act since they have advanced survival skills with living around two cats, and insisted on posing.  Blondie Firstborn pretended to faint so they could practice their revival skills, but they all rose above it, she's such a showoff.

And I thought, ah, little battery radio, good stuff, try it out.  Batteries dead as a doornail.  So back to the battery drawer and found two new batteries that fitted, yay.  And discovered, on pushing all the little buttons that not only can I get the New York station that is probably best for storm news for this region, but the base of the radio is a little LED flashlight, very bright beam.

So I'm ready for anything now.  More or less.  The radio can hang around my neck so I don't have to go in search of a light.  If I remember it's there, that is, and don't lose it in the bedside table or my pantleg, longtime readers will know what that means, new readers can feel free to scroll back through my misadventures and find out.

Seriously, friends, though I live alone, I have at least six neighbors in the immediate vicinity, i.e. feet away, I could call on if necessary and who would bang on my door and come in to investigate if they thought anything was amiss.  So though I'm prepared, I'm not unsupported!  Handsome Son will probably be marooned at home until they get dug out, but he has neighbors, too.

Just wondering if this will be curtains for the rest of my cherry tree, though. Oh well. Hoping all the people will be okay.


  1. sounds like you are ready-do you have plenty of water? we live rural and if we lose the electric than we lose the septic and the water-so I always have gallons of water sitting around just in case-and other water to flush the toilets
    I always look at these storms as an adventure-lol make sure I have water, plenty of food, etc. dry wood in the house--then go play with weaving or something lol
    I will be thinking of you

  2. Ari had the same idea as me, but beat me to it. Will be thinking of you.

  3. You do know, of course, that the 'Great Pant Leg Episode' will be living on in infamy! Hope you were okay through the storm (and because I'm behind in my blog reading I know such is the case already).

  4. Glad to be coming in on the tail of this and knowing that you are a-okay and that the storm was too afraid of the Dollivers to do much damage.


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