Friday, January 2, 2015

Soup of the evening, beeoootiful soup...

Corn and pumpkin, from farmshare vegetables, seasoned with kosher salt, a lot of turmeric, fresh ground black pepper, sprig of curry leaves.  The liquid was a mixture of whey from cheese making or yogurt forget which, and water from steaming squash.  All good stuff.

And served with the very last of the prosecco, great supper. And with homebaked croutons on top, each with a dab of roasted garlic added, all tossed onto the soup to sizzle.  Very good for your appetite, that sizzle effect.

Today came the application for the 2015 Farmshare!  already....still dealing with a freezer stuffed with good food from 2014.  But it will be used up happily before the opening of the season in May.  So I'll sign up again.

But first, to the table.


  1. On my iPod, I have Christopher Plummer reading the unabridged Alice in Wonderland.

  2. When I was a child (and knew Alice just about by heart) the mock turtle always reminded me of the "Mock Apple Pie" recipe on the Ritz Cracker box. I wonder if anyone ever made that pie?

  3. I've often wondered why, with apples very easy to get and cheap, too, anyone would want to make a mock version? and if so, did it taste like Ritz crackers? and if so, why not buy something else..


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